Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world

Biggest HotelsThe Top 10 biggest hotels worldwide are judged on the basis of their size as it’s a common saying that size does matter. While making the list of these largest hotels we came across different aspects for analysis because the list can be different from a luxurious and services point of view but we are preparing it by mainly looking at the total number of rooms and area occupied by the biggest hotels. By looking at the list of these hotels one would be tempted to visit this one or more than one of these fine hotels. Well to be honest a couple of nights’ stay may be out of league for most of us. The sheer size and presence of these hotels will leave you spellbound and are definitely worth a look even from the outside! No personal preference or opinion has been used at all in making this list and it is totallybased on real figures and sizes. So just relax and enjoy the Top 10 biggest hotels of the world. Do let us know in the comments section about how many of these hotels you have already visited or wish to visit in the future.




10. Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Excalibur Hotel and Casino City is located in center of Las Vegas and was built in June 1990. The first view of this hotel gives an impression of a new age Royal castle surrounded by huge parking area along with a wide range of cleverly organized landscape. If you look at it from the sky or higher altitude, it looks like two huge V shaped towers are protecting the sides of the castle. Excalibur Hotel and Casino City provides almost all the luxuries of life like huge casinos, pools, golf course, outstanding food, marvelous living standards which any one would like to have for a nice luxurious vacation. In total Excalibur Hotel and Casino City have 4,008 rooms and suits. According to Excalibur Hotel and Casino City management, customers are provided a chance to live like kings and queens and to provide great memories after they have left.

9. Ambassador City Jomtien

Ambassador City Jomtien

Ambassador City Jomtien is located in Jomtien Bay, Thailand and is also called the pride of Thailand. Ambassador City Jomtien is popular all over the globe not only because of its huge size but also for many other things like Courtesy of the hotel staff, delicious food, luxury furniture, pools and lavishly equipped indoor sports. One of the most appealing features of the hotel is the outstanding beach view and its own private beach. Ambassador City Jomtien is also used for marriages, professional meetings and conferences. In total Ambassador City Jomtien is divided in to 4 different wings and every wing has its own density in terms of services and things related to that wing. This huge hotel has 4,219 rooms and suits and is 9th in the Top 10 biggest Hotels worldwide list.

8. Mandalay Bay/ THE hotel


Mandalay Bay THE hotel

THE hotel Mandalay Bay is one of the most lavishly designed hotels of the world, located almost in the center in Las Vegas and very close to Luxor Hotel. From tourists point of view THE hotel Mandalay Bay is one of the best place for entertainment and spending vacations. Mandalay Bay is a huge hotel based on 46 floors with extra lavish furniture and services. Some of the main things for which Mandalay Bay is popular all over the globe are Gym, Mandalay Bay Beach, weddings, Golf, Shark Reef Aquarium and one of the most popular is its huge casinos. Along with that as Las Vegas is popular because of casinos then let me tell you that Mandalay Bay has the third largest casino in Las Vegas. The total rooms and suits of this skyscraper hotel are 4,332.

7. Luxor hotel Las Vegas

Luxor hotel Las Vegas

The Luxor hotel is one of the great master piece designed hotel in the current world and located in Las Vegas. If you want to live like Egyptian kings and queens then Luxor Hotel is the best place for you. Basically Luxor hotel is a 30 storied pyramid shaped hotel named after a city in Upper Egypt. It’s the only full scale reproduction outside of Egypt with all the objects recreated using ancient methods and materials. The Luxor hotel and casino has the same dimensions as the great pyramid of Giza. Of course there is a big difference between the Luxor and its ancient predecessor. This one is made of glass, 570,000 sq feet of it and its complete hollow inside is the largest atrium in the world. Stepping into the Luxor hotel actually transports you to a new world which is full of lavish, unique and luxury items. Total rooms and suits are numbered at 4,408 placing it at 7th number in the Top 10 biggest Hotels worldwide list.

6. Wynn Las Vegas


Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas is not only one of the biggest hotels but it is also counted in the list of most luxurious hotels of the world. Located in Las Vegas City Wynn Las Vegas is brim full with all the facilities you would like to have or dream of. It caters to all occasions like vacation, official stay, meetings, entertainment and lot more. Wynn Las Vegas is very uniquely designed and has an awesome interior designing. The material used enhances its beauty to a much more extent. Just Step in to Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and forget your boring daily routine. As far as the service of the staff is considered, it can be simply defined in 3 words; it’s the best! Total rooms and suits in this huge hotel are, 4,734.

5. Sands Cotai Central

Sands Cotai Central

Sands Cotai Central is a four star hotel located in Macau. It is still under construction and is announced to be opened in spring of 2012. As heard from the news sources and a bit of research it has been proved that Sands Cotai Central will be having a combination of 6,000 rooms and suits. Basically Sands Cotai Central is going to be a combination of 4 towers linked together under one main hotel but all 4 having separate names, services and services levels. Sands China Ltd. entered agreements with Hilton Worldwide and InterContinental Hotels Group in this project to open a mixed type hotel with 1,800 rooms belonging to both of the later parties. Various issues slowed down the construction work but it has reached final stages now and is all set to dazzle the world real soon! It stands as fifth Biggest hotel of the world.

4. First World Hotel

First World Hotel

First World Hotel consists of 28 floors on two towers. It was the biggest hotel worldwide till 2008 and has slipped to the 4th place as newer constructions are being completed. Located in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, it is accompanied by the First World Plaza and offers its visitors almost 46,000 meter squares of nonstop entertainment.  The colorful outlook of the structure and the artistic landscaping done around the hotel will instantly make all its visitors feel festive and joyful. A full day is not enough to explore all the area and activities and at least 2-3 days will are required. Along with a breathtaking casino and 6,118 rooms, guests can indulge in a mind blowing variety of activities to choose from like lounging in a private pool or enjoying rides in a covered theme park. Ladies will not feel left out as a shopping center is also available. A mini bar is present in every room for those who choose to have a quiet evening. The view around the hotel is really something not to be missed.

3. MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas

With the iconic Golden Lion statue guarding this 6,582 room hotel, MGM Grand in Las Vegas proudly stands on the 3rd position of Top 10 biggest Hotels worldwide. The hotel’s color is turquoise in the day and changes to green as it comes alive in the nighttime with huge blazing video screens. Four towers make up the hotel with 30 floors in each. The pool complex and Casino are very famous of this hotel but the spotlight remains on The Signature which offers your own private place in the hotel away from all the hustle and Skylofts which provide you with a personal butler and wall sized windows to have a breathtaking view of the world’s most famous skyline. Although it is quite easy to lose your way inside the hotel, the quick and efficient staff makes sure this does not happen.

2. The Venetian / Palazzo Mega center

The Venetian Palazzo Mega center

This five diamond hotel and adjoining resort and complex boasts of 7,117 rooms and is ranked 2nd in the Top 10 biggest Hotels worldwide. An 11000 meter square casino is also present to satisfy all your gaming needs. This Italian themed hotel is also the biggest hotel and resort present in USA. The effect is carried out to such an extent that a replica St Mark’s Campanile Tower has been made. Moreover traditional flat bottomed gondolas(Venetian rowing boat), complete with singing rowers, are present and let you float through the channels of the complex if you choose not to walk in the authentic looking Venice streets while shopping. The Palazzo is integrated with the hotel and greatly compliments as well as increases the overall grace of the hotel. Guests particularly remember the spacious rooms with remote controlled curtains and elegant marble bathrooms with widescreen TVs.

1. Izmailovo Hotel

Izmailovo Hotel

Izmailovo Hotel is basically a group of four 30-storied towers situated near the Izmailovo village in Russia and has been functional since the 70s. Although not the most lavish hotel of the list, the reason of its being number one in the Top 10 biggest Hotels worldwide is that in total is has a mind blowing 7,500 rooms! The four towers are Alpha, Beta, Vega and Gamma-Delta. Izmailovo Hotel has historical importance with reference to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. All the modern necessities like satellite TV, min bars and decent bathrooms are available in every room of each tower. The famous Kuskovo estate museum and Izmailovsky Park metro station are close to the Alpha and Vega towers and a main tourist attraction of the area and the Red Square is just 20 minutes away!


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