Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items

Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items As soon as you stuff down that Thanksgiving Day turkey and potatoes, you’ll have to make a rush to the stores as the best stores are opening up on 12 a.m. on Thanksgiving night instead of the usual 4 a.m., this might be a bid to increase the shopping time and hence the sales, or just to cash in the holiday excitement by starting off earlier. Americans like to spend a lot on Black Friday because of its mind blowing deals and literally throw away prices. Black Friday officially starts the Christmas holiday season which is full of gift buying and purchases for dear ones. This leads to Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Brown Monday which are similar to Black Friday in theme. Although the lion’s share of the sales are regarding Electronic Gadgets and all types of Video Games, other items do also get a bit of the spotlight. In a few days, the Black Friday deals and bargains will start to roll out any each one is absolutely to die for! So prepare to spend a lot of money as we take a look at the Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items to look out for!


10. Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar  

It may not be a conventional gift for most of the people but a survey shows almost 40% of Americans can play a musical instrument. The appeal of an Electric Guitar is equal to both the young and old as many dream to play like Steve Vai or Jimi Hendrix some day. The only catch is that mastering a guitar takes quite a lot of dedication and practice. Guitar lovers, on the other hand, always do find the perfect deal on Black Friday for guitars they have wanted to buy lately. Places like Guitar Center are quite famous for their deals and bargains on Electric Guitars and these can be availed online too!

9. Tires


Tires are on the 9th spot in the list of Top 10 Black Friday Deal Items and may come as a surprise for most of us. Strange as it sounds, it is true. The automobile industry as gives special deals on Black Friday on car rental and loans but tires get special attention and many a good deals can be found by the initiated! The biggest brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin have already announced some of the discounts they will be offering on car and truck Tires and they sound like a really good catch!

8. Video Game Consoles and Games

Video Game Consoles and Games  

With Xbox 360 4GB model coming just under $140(minus the Kinetic) and $199.99 PlayStation 3 160GB Console Bundle (with games and membership) available from different outlets, you know that buying Video Game Consoles and Games is one sweet deal this Black Friday. With big titles launched this year and interest in the Video Game Industry beginning to enter a new ear, now is the perfect time to go ahead and indulge yourself in the fantastic experiences these Video Game Consoles and Games offer at such a bargain price!

7. Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras  

12.1 Megapixel Digital Cameras with LCD screens are costing around $99.99 this Black Friday thanks to the best deals on cameras we have seen in years. At the end of the day, the most cherished and valuable things in life are your memories and what better way to capture then than a high quality Digital Camera bought at a low price! It won’t burn a hole in the pocket but fill your heart with joy years from now when you happen to see all the photos of the funs times! A very popular item to buy on Black Friday and is ranked 7th in the list of Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items.

6. Gold and Jewellery

Gold and Jewellery  

Show me a woman who does not love Gold and Jewellery and I’ll show you a man who does not love…err, sports. These items will forever have a special place in the hearts of women and is one of the easiest albeit expensive ways to show your devotion and love to her. Diamonds and other precious metal also appeal to her. Prices on limited branded designs are set to be slashed so it’s better to check out these deals and bargains before purchasing other items as Gold and Jewellery are the most expensive items in the list and may leave you wanting for more cash!

5. HD TVs

HD TVs  

The HD TVs market this year, undoubtedly, will be conquered by the 3D TVs and Led backlit TVs sales. Last year they were a relatively newer technology and most of the deals were for the standard HD TVs. They are ranked 5th in the Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items as the interest has shifted towards these new entertainment powerhouses this year and huge discounts and bundle deals are to be expected. Looks like it’s the right time now to get yourself that 47” 1080p Led HD TV you had always wanted and get a free home entertainment system along with it free of cost!

4. Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod  

Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. Nothing more can be said about these items as they have been selling like hot cakes every since they were launched. The only reason they are 4th in the list of Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items and not number one is that everyone has them already! Despite this fact, people would grab any decent deal thrown at them involving these gadgets quite gladly. With a $100 off Macs and almost $50 and $20 off the iPad and iPod respectively, the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod are bound to be a decent to-buy item.

3. Watches


Every sharp dressed man (and woman) knows the impression expensive Watches can project to their casual acquaintances as well as business friends about their personalities and success. Black Friday allows us to buy just that perfect watch which always suited your tastes and personality but was a bit out of reach in terms of prices. up to 60% prices have been cut of watches on this Black Friday so Watches are a must buy for reasons ranging from personal use to gifting your boss a nice timepiece!

2. Perfumes and Cosmetics

Perfumes and Cosmetics  

Face it. Around 10 billion dollars are spent each year on Perfumes and Cosmetics alone by our women. Therefore they become a perfect item to purchase, be it for your mommy dears or for a special friend. Deals on cosmetics are a plenty on Black Friday and prices get slashed up to 50% of branded items. Buying Perfumes and Cosmetics around this time of the year will save you a lot of money as they will last till the next holiday season and still give you the latest look and style. It’s simply the perfect way to show your woman you care about her and want her to look good even better.

1. Laptops


Laptops are definitely the best buys this Black Friday as the Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 have cut every competition down to size, especially the tablets and laptop/netbooks market. So, cutting down on prices and counting on the holiday fever might give them a chance to regain lost ground. A 25% discount on Laptops is seen as a normal cut this Black Friday as companies like HP are offering $150-200 discounts on running items. What better way to improve your management and save time on tasks by buying your kids or even your hubby nice new Laptops at half the price? Laptops are currently the hottest bargain in the Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items.





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