Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping DestinationsStanding for hours in front of a superstore only to be first ones to grab that perfect Black Friday deal before it runs out is one of the best things about this holiday! Sadly the trend of doing so is declining every year. This Black Friday, however, will be a totally new experience as shops opt to open a lot earlier than usual and trying to be the first to get the deals may very well cost you your Thanksgiving dinner! Ordering gifts off the internet is quite a different experience. No hassle, no waiting and no searching frantically for parking space! A study shows that an average American is willing to spend up to $600 in deals on Black Friday. Following is a list of the Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations preferred by the people



10. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

Started with $300 dollars and a big dream, Dick’s Sporting Goods has become the biggest sporting goods franchise in America with branches in almost every state. That said, it automatically becomes the best place to buy all your sporting gear. With all the price cuts expected this year, black Friday will be the ideal time for you to buy a new fishing pole or replace you old treadmill. Being a man thing, Dick’s Sporting Goods lands on 10 spot in the list of Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations as the children and women opted to buy something else rather than any type of sports items (except for HD TVs, which is somewhat related to sports).

9. Toys R Us

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is one of the few stores were almost every family goes each year and is sort of a compulsory buying spot. The reason? Thousands of toys ranging from baby toys to those for grownups and then even some more. Toys R Us is definitely the authority on toys and playing items and offering items at reduced prices increases the attraction to the deal hunters and regular shoppers as well. The only drawback is that deal items tend to finish quite quickly and that perfect gift you plan on buying for your daughter might not be available if you don’t get there soon enough.

8. Macy’s


A lot of people will be surprised to see Macy’s in the list of Top 10 Black Friday Destinations. Contrary to popular belief, Macy’s is not a store where just sweaters and pants are offered. They have a complete range of men’s and women’s apparels and a special section for handbags, electrical appliances, kitchen electronics and Wedding items. They have also started the clearance sale of the season giving another extra 15-20% off on already discounted prices and the Black Friday deals compounded with that makes Macy’s a one-stop shop-till-you-drop place to be this weekend!

7. Kohl’s


From best deals on the latest designs of Sweaters and fancy boots to the most exciting bundle offers on car GPS systems, Kohl’s has revolutionized the way of conventional shopping. With over 500 special limited time deals this Black Friday which can also be checked out at their site, these guys have the perfect solution to all your decoration needs for every room of the house, including the basement and the garage! 50% price cuts will be a common sight in Kohl’s this Black Friday and there will be enough stock so that no one goes home empty handed!



Coming closer to our shopping lists which are loaded with electronic and appliances, we choose HHGREGG or Gregg Appliances as our 6th favorite Black Friday Shopping Destination. Although not as huge in variety or branches as Walmart, HHGREGG does pretty good holding out its own against these giants by offering deals we simply can’t refuse! LED HD TVs, DVD recorders and players and especially video games and console with bundle deals on big discounts this weekend is sure to pull the masses in!


Amazon com is no doubt the king of internet sales with huge divisions in almost all items on e could possible buy off the internet. The main reason this has been placed at number 5 in the list of Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations is the ease it offers its customers. Instead of standing in line the whole night, all shopper have to do is log on to the site and enjoy huge discounts from the comfort of their homes. has started offering deals for Black Friday and special hourly deals on limited items so keep checking it regularly and you will be rewarded.

4. Kmart


Now with Sears outlets open inside Kmart in the store-in-a-store fashion, Kmart has become a comprehensive shopping adventure even to the most uninterested buyer and thanks to Black Friday, eye popping deals are bound to steal the lime light as the big fishes in the market battle it out between them for our money. The irresistible prices on electronics and other house hold items including tools in Kmartwill lead many deal hunters on an impulsive buying spree but no one is going to regret it!

3. Walmart


A lot of people are planning to buy the 42-inch Vizio M3D420SR deal with a whooping $300 discount available at Walmart this black Friday among other deals. Walmart is a shopper’s paradise and all things with huge price slashes are going on sale this Friday. A decent collection of video games can also be found. Walmart also has a surprisingly comprehensive toys and board games collection which is second only to Toys r Us and finishes 3rd in the list of Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations. Do keep a lookout for nice deals on kitchen and household appliances while shopping there.

2.  Target


If appliances and electronic items are on top of your shopping list this black Friday, better save yourself a lot of time and hassle and head straight to Target. Like always, they are offering huge discounts this year on appliances and electronic items and is definitely the best place to buy video games and consoles. The staff there is pretty good and helpful and will save you a lot of time. Do check out the HD TVs range as they have great bundle deals on big names as well as lesser known brands in Target.

1. Best Buy

Best Buy

Saving money has become synonymous with Best Buy because of its mind boggling variety of items and huge money saving prices! Best Buy is the number one place to be on Black Friday as it tops the list of Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations due to its already released deals on Laptops, Games and Consoles, various electrical appliances (including a very good deal on a Dyson Vacuum cleaner)  and smartphones this year. Do remember to go through the cameras deals while you are at Best Buy as prices on these items are slashed up to 50%!




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