Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches

Sexy SofaIf you’ve ever fancied watching one of top10hm’s movie lists back-to-back, you are going to need the right and comfortable couches! Sitting in one spot for too long can leave you bottoms numb, causing backache and disrupting your viewing experience as well as your mood. Finding the most comfortable couches around should be the primary concern of any couch potato, but sitting on comfortable couches is relaxing even to those who use it occasionally! Finding the perfect couch for you is not as easy as it seems. Good comfortable couches needs to be soft enough to provide comfort, large enough to stretch out on, and needs some structure and support to make it long lasting and sturdy. Good couches also need to be wide enough to easily accommodate whatever body shape you happen to be, which is why you may find this list of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches useful. Another thing these most comfortable couches aim at is being able to provide adequate space to a couple to sit and have a wonderful time together!




10. Armando

Natuzzi’s Armando 

Who says you can’t have comfort with style? While this is both beautiful and chic, Natuzzi’s Armando sofa bed is equally as comfortable too. Furthermore, you won’t have to go very far from the Armando when it is time to sleep because it turns into a bed with just a few maneuvers. While available in both fabric and leather, the fabric is probably the comfiest option, as leather can be a bit unforgiving in the hot, which can give you a nasty shock when you’re wearing shorts!


9. Grand Scale Roll Arm

Grand Scale Roll Arm 

The Grand Scale Roll Arm are huge and highly comfortable couches from the Grand Scale Arm Roll series. Ideal for those with the more ample behind, the Roll Arm has exceptionally deep seats, which will make the smaller person feel completely yet comfortably lost! Not only is it huge, but as soft and squishy as only a few can be. The biggest drawback is that you are going to need a fairly big apartment to accommodate it. The Grand Scale Roll Arm rank 9th in the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches list.


8. The Jasper

The Jasper 

Despite its rather austere appearance, The Jasper from Room and Board is surprisingly soft and bouncy. While it is just about long enough for the average person to stretch out on, it may be a little too short for anybody over six feet. Because of its shape, The Jasper is probably best to lounge on your own than have two people sitting upright together, which may be a less comfortable. The Jasper has been designed while keeping style as well as saving space in mind.


7. Toga Comfortable Couches


According to the many people that have bought Toga, these unique looking comfortable couches from Svpply are something to die for! Incredibly soft and bouncy, the only thing which may put you off are the rather bright colors Toga comes in. The bright colors made them the centre of attention in any room but may throw off the color balance. Made by Ligne Roset, they may be a bit on the pricey side, but if they are only half as comfortable as they look, it will be money well spent!


6. The Lounge

The Lounge 

Sectional sofas are some of the most practical couches around, primarily because you can add as many pieces as you like, depending on the size of the room. The Lounge, a three-piece sectional sofa from Crate and Barrel is not only soft due to its Flexolator spring suspension (which produces a hugging sensation), but is also very long, allowing you to stretch out. Its V-shape also means it is a perfect fit for the corner of any room. The Lounge ranks 6th in the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches list.


5. The Axis

The Axis 

These comfortable couches are from Crate and Barrel and are available as both standalone and sectional sofas. The sectional is more than likely the most comfortable, as you can stretch out further on it. The Axis is soft and accommodating and certainly rewards anyone who purchases it. These comfortable couches come in various colors but the mocha one is the most popular. Whether this couch is as comfortable as The Lounge is open to debate, but as they sell more of the Axis, so it is probably the comfier of the two. The Axis ranks 5th in the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches list.


4. Coussin


The Coussin Sofas from Norwegian manufacturer L.K. Hjelle are the most comfortable couches ever and just looking at the girl in the picture would want you to jump in the Coussin! It looks a little too short to take that crown, and anybody of adult size is going to struggle to stretch out. However, these comfortable couches look and feel soft enough. The loose arms at the end can be wrapped around and are ideal for anyone needing a late night hug. The Coussin wraps you up so cold feet and saggy pillows will become a thing of the past!


3. Couchesoid


The Couchesoid from Blu Dot look more like stone slabs rather than comfortable couches, but if reviews are anything to go by, then this must be one of the contenders for the most comfortable couches accolade. Though it is difficult to understand its “more aerodynamic” design, the fact that the Couchesoid does not have any seams, buttons and zippers will certainly prevent anything from sticking in your back. These comfortable couches make sure that they never ruin your mood or clothes! Couchesoid ranks 3rd in the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches list.


2. Metro Supreme Comfort Queen Sleeper

Metro Supreme Comfort Queen Sleeper 

La-Z-Boy has built their reputation on repeatedly coming up with some of the most comfortable couches in the world, and their Metro Supreme Comfort Queen Sleeper is one of their best products. Not only is it the right size to stretch out on, but also is made from the softest fabric imaginable. Perfect for one and even better for two, the Metro Supreme Comfort Queen Sleeper is deep enough for making snuggling in it a joyful experience! It comes in a wide range of colors and is suitable for any décor. It should be sold with a warning, however, because you won’t be able to keep your eyes open after five minutes in these comfortable couches!


1. La-Z-Boy Chill Recliner

La-Z-Boy Chill Recliner 

La-Z-Boy’s pièce de résistance has got be the Chill Recliner. This baby is not only one of the most comfortable couches around, but it has a thermo-electric cooler in the flip arm for keeping drinks chilled! The La-Z-Boy Chill Recliner also features a three-speed massage function to keep you all your body parts relaxed as you enjoy watching TV. Once you sit down, it is doubtful you’ll ever want to get up again! These are the most comfortable couches for watching TV and movies anytime of the day! It ranks 1st in the Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches list.



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