Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection

Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet ConnectionIt sounds really interesting when someone tells you that I download a complete Bluray movie within 10 minutes and my Internet connection is awesome. In present days while Internet speed matters a lot because most of the work is done online which mostly includes online streaming of movies, downloading of heavy data files, downloading of movies and songs and more over the online competitions related to gaming. There is still a lot more work beyond our thinking which requires high Internet speed and a fast Internet connection. There are multiple ways to test the Internet speed which a user is getting and one of the most common ways of the speed test is This post is actually about those Top 10 countries who have maximum Internet speed on average basis .The stats can be up or down for a couple of decimals but they are almost near to accurate. You will be astonished to know that there are round about 2 Billion daily Internet users all over the globe. Before proceeding further I would also like to tell you one more interesting thing that the average connections speed of Internet on world level is 1.9 Mbps.


10. Norway

Norway is counted in a list beautiful countries of the world having an estimated population of 4,690,000 .There are many ISPs (Internet service providers) in Norway but some of the major ones that lead the industry are Telenor, Nextgentel, tele2, Nordcall Broadband, Mimer Broadband, Eidsiva Broadband and Ventelo and along with them there are many more which provide their services but have not captured a huge market. On averagely basis there are approximately 4.5 million people which uses Internet through multiple ways and per user the average connection speed is 4.6 Mbps.


9. Slovakia

When it comes to Slovakia the very first thing which strikes the minds of people are the beautiful mountains and overall natural beauty. Slovakia holds the 9th position in the list of maximum Internet connection speed countries. Some of the major ISPs of Slovakia are SWAN, ISK, NETLAB, PSGnet, Telenor, Alconet, SANET and many more. There are round about 4.1 million Internet users in Slovakia which connects to Internet through multiple sources and per user the average connection speed is 4.7 Mbps.

8. Belgium

Belgium is one of those countries who are quite rich in terms of luxurious lifestyle and standard living trends and ofcourse how we can forget the waffles of Belgium. When it comes to average Internet connection speed Belgium holds the 8th position in our list. Some of the most major ISPs of Belgium are EDPnet, Belgacom, Scarlet, Dommel, Billi, Mobistar and lot more. On approximate basis there are round about 8.2 million people who connect to Internet daily in Belgium and an average connection speed per user makes it up to 4.8 Mbps.


7.  Netherlands

Netherlands is almost a favorite country for every cheese lover. Netherlands holds the 7th position in our list.Some of the major ISPs of Netherlands are KPN, Orange, Tele2, Tiscali, BBned and lot more. There are round about 14.9 million regular Internet users in Netherland and the average speed connection speed splits up to 4.9 Mbps.


6. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is known commonly for its awesome taste Swiss Chocolates. Switzerland is not behind in the web world as well and that’s why it holds the 6th position in our list. There are round about 5.8 million Internet users who connect to Internet on daily basis and the average connection speed equals to 5.2 Mbps.


5. Sweden

Sweden is one of those countries who are famous for multiple things and are very popular when it comes to technology. When it comes to Internet usage Sweden is not behind and holds the 5th position in our list. From the last couple of years Internet usage has increased vastly in Sweden. Approximately there are 8.5 million users who use Internet on daily basis through multiple ways and the average connection speed per user equals to 5.9 Mbps.


4. Romania

Romania is mostly famous for its outstanding food, music and beautiful land. Romania holds the 4th position in our list. Approximately there are 8 million users who connect to Internet through different sources and the average connection speed per user splits up to 6 Mbps.


3. Japan

Tsunami affected Japan in a very bad way and brought Japan down in most of the things. Before this tragedy Japan used to rank number 2nd but now it ranks 3rd on our list on the basis of its average Internet connection speed which equals to 6.9 Mbps per user.


2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of those countries who are famous for trade and business and plays a key role in the world of finance. Of course how can we forget the food of Hong Kong. In our list Hong Kong stand on number 2rd. Out of the approximate population of 7.1 million the estimated people who connects to Internet daily are round about 4.9 million and the average connection speed per user equals 7.3 Mbps.


1. South Korea

Here comes the big name who is leading the Internet industry in terms of speed and this plays an important role in the growth and popularity of South Korea in multiple ways. On approximate basis there are 39.5 million Internet users in South Korea and the average Internet connection speed splits up to 15.2 Mbps per user.Almost the double then Hong Kong. (Well that’s a very high speed)

Through different analysis it is proved that United States uses Internet the most all over the globe but unluckily not listed in the 10 best connection speed countries. But hopefully in next year list it will be because there are many new companies entering in the business who promises to provide high Internet connection speed.



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