Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Dangerous AnimalsDangerous animals are basically those animals which usually harm human beings either directly or indirectly. If we take a walk in the jungle,surely enough we can come across hundreds dangerous animals which might be harmful to us. However, the current topic is about those dangerous animals which are quite deadly and can be counted as the top 10 dangerous animals of the world. While making this list, we have gone through various analysis including attacks on humans, deaths caused by their attacks, injuries, poison (if present in any), size, weight, teeth, paws and the probability of those dangerous animals of coming in contact with humans. All these factors have been weighted to make the list of the most dangerous animals present on our planet. Now one thing which we would like to clear is that these animals are not selected on individual choices and some people around the world love to keep them as their pets (save the sharks and hippos) but the reality differs from personal ideas and that’s why we have stated it down in a form of a list so that people would be aware of them and the best precautions and measures can be taken for making them and their pets safe (sadly these pets are usually put to sleep if anything happens). Enjoy the dangerous animals list and don’t forget to share it with your friends so that we can bring some more interesting lists like this for you in future.





10. Bear


Bears are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals of jungles and they sometimes wander into nearby towns for food. Currently there are total 8 types of Bear species and are found normally all over the globe. Prehistoric Bears use to be one of the largest and most dangerous animals of their time. The weight of a huge bear can be up to 750 or sometimes even more than this! When a bear of this proportion stands up on its hind legs, it can be easily stand 8 feet tall or sometimes may be more! They are also considered to be one of the most dangerous animals because of their ruthless nature. Bears don’t tolerate anything which pesters or attack them. The best thing to do if cornered by a bear is to act dead and hold your breath otherwise you may become a victim of these  dangerous animals.


9. Shark


Sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals on earth when it comes to sea animals. You will be a bit astonished to know that there are almost 400 shark species out there in the water! The size varies from one species to another but they can weight up to 2000 kilograms which is a couple of tons too heavy for comfort! Sharks normally have several sets of replaceable teeth and on average each shark have more than 450 teeth in several rows and sets, so it’s almost impossible to get out from her mouth if they caught you in once. Their razor sharp teeth can cleanly cut through the toughest of materiel quite easily. Many movies have been made about these dangerous animals which have terrorized the seas for ages!


8. Jelly fish

Jelly fish

Jelly fish are cute looking sea creatures but in reality they are extremely dangerous animals. Their main weapons are the poisonous tentacles present on several of their tails. The venom stored in these tailed tentacles is known to be one of the most dangerous venom of the world. If unluckily someone gets tangled up in these tentacles, they can severely affect the central nervous system as well as the cardiac system. If timely and proper first aid is not provided quick enough, people even die because of being stringed by the jellyfish. There are around 30,000 species of Jelly fish and every year around 200 people become the victim of these cute looking yet dangerous animals. Their size varies with type but jellyfish are normally found in small sizes. A few van get as heavy as 200 kilogram and you can imagine how big the jelly fish would be if it reach this much weight.


7. Hippopotamus


People who have seen Madagascar ( the animated movie series) would be shocked to see the Hippopotamus in the list of most dangerous animals.These cute and friendly looking animals are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals! The size of the Hippopotamus varies with type and age but these dangerous animals easily reach up to 3500 kilograms! Hippopotamus usually have a very volatile temperament and this is the reason which has landed them at the 7th spot in the most dangerous animals list. Hippos are strong swimmers and can seals their nostrils completely underwater, allowing them to hold their breaths for up to 30 minutes! The only creatures which can hunt the Hippopotamus are the lions, but even the lions hunt them as last options! Every year, around 150+ people face their last day of life because of these most dangerous animals.


6. Elephant


The Elephant is the largest living land creature and is also counted in the list of most dangerous animals on earth. The size and weight of this 4 legged creature can reach up to 5500 kg! Any human being who comes under it is bound to break a few hundred bones any day. In old ages, the kings use to ride on them to prove their superior rank and status. Also, death penalties were given to people by having an elephant walk over them. In the current era, Elephants are now mostly seen in zoos where they are kept as nature’s biggest living gift! A big angry elephant can become your worst nightmare because they are smart enough to know the advantage of their weight and size. They don’t really hesitate from using their feet and trunk to attack when angry. They can crush and roll over a car without any serious efforts because apart from being huge, they are also extremely strong. Every year, almost 500 people become the victims of elephants and breathe their last.


5. Crocodile


Now one of the most deadly and ruthless creatures of water is the crocodile. Many Hollywood movies have been made on these creatures showing the cruel and vicious attacks of crocodiles. Even national geographic has a great coverage on them because they are currently the major source of research of most of the biologists and scientists. The weight of a grown up Crocodile can be up to 1200 kilograms! On an average, Crocodiles have 64 to 70 sharp teeth which, when coupled with their extremely powerful jaws, can crush the bones in micro seconds. The Crocodiles species are also counted as one of the oldest predators on earth. These dangerous animals don’t hesitate at all to attack humans if hungry. Currently, the ratio of crocodile attacks (according to national geography) has increased alarmingly. Once caught in their jaws, getting out from the trap of this monster is almost impossible. Every year, 800+ people face their death because of these dangerous animals.


4. Lion


Lions are basically the king of the jungle and no predator even dares to attack them (no matter how hungry) because of their fierce fighting nature and extremely fast and powerful body. Lions are basically noble and fearless yet dangerous animals with no hesitation to attack any living creature (except plants) if they feel hunger. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals present on our planet with extra ordinary biting power and energy to attack its target. Apart from being known as king of the jungles, lions are also known as king of beasts. They are extremely dangerous animals and weight up to 350 kilogram when fully grown. Lions are currently listed as the third biggest cat on earth with various qualities which makes it a perfect hunter. Every year, almost 1000+ people face die at the hands of these dangerous animals.


3. Scorpion


Scorpions are currently one of the toughest animals listed on our list because of their mind boggling abilities. Just imagine a creature which can survive in temperatures above 55 degree, live in the coldest places on earth, hold its breadth for three days, eat nothing for an entire year and is armed with a very dangerous venom! That’s right, the dangerous animals with so many abilities can only be the scorpions! But its the fearsome reputation of Scorpions which make people run. Scorpions remain virtually unchanged since the first land animals evolved over 400 million years ago! There are around 1752 species of scorpions all over the world and every year more than 5000 people die by getting bitten by these dangerous animals. The Fat Tailed Scorpion is the deadliest of them all. Scorpions rank third in the list of most dangerous animals.


2. Venomous snakes

Venemous Snakes

Almost all the snakes of the world are considered to be dangerous animals because the rates of deaths caused by the deadliest snakes is quite high. There are around 2700 species of snakes living in our world which freely roam the land, except dense cities with little or no greenery. Snakes may look fascinating, but in reality, are terrifying and dangerous animals. Snakes basically falls in 2 types of categories while attacking, some use power to crush its hunt while some use venom in terms of biting. Lots of documentaries have been made on snakes in which their characteristics and venom have been explained to deter people from handing them, unless they are professionals in handling these deadly snakes. Each snake species has its own attribute, different weaponry and even killing strategies which makes them dangerous animals. Their sizes and weight varies according to their species; some are as short as 1 feet while others can be as long as a school bus (42 feet) like the king cobra snakes! Every year, almost 150,000 people get killed because of these dangerous animals.


1. Mosquito


Mosquitoes are currently the most dangerous animals present on earth. It might sound funny that this small little creature tops the dangerous animals list ahead of many larger and dangerous animals. How can it be so dangerous when it has neither venom or any size or strength? In reality, this little bug is a massive killing machine and transfers diseases from one human body to other rapidly. A quick little prick is all it takes for the mosquito to make someone deathly sick. According to current malaria research stats, almost 7 million people gets infected each year because of the mosquito and more than 2.5 million people die because of these dangerous animals. The weight of mosquitoes on average basis is just over 2.5 grams. Currently, Mosquitoes hold the first position in the list of most dangerous animals.




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