Top 10 Deadly snakes

Top 10 Deadly SnakesThey may be slimy dark and dangerous, but the world’s Top 10 Most Deadliest snakes are also quite important in the proper functioning of our ecosystems. Most reported cases of snake bites occur when the human unknowingly steps or disturbs the snake. Snakes are generally a shy species with a very few type having a really bad temper. A single bite from these venomous snakes results in death in more than half the cases. The toxic poison starts destroying cells as it enters the body and quickly paralyses or kills the victim. Snakes use this to catch it’s pray but willingly let anyone have it who steps on their tail! Proper and timely medical attention can avert death but the poison is sure to do some damage. The following list is based on the deadliness of the venom and how readily the snake attacks a human (number of reported cases). The African Stiletto Snake, although not deadly, deserves a mention here. The venom is so dangerous that it liquefies all the muscle and bones in the injected area and has no antidote! So enjoy finding out more about the Top 10 deadly Snakes whose poisonous venom is synonymous with death itself!






10. Jararaca

Often confused with Terciopelo, the Jararaca, literally meaning “large snakes”, comes in a variety of colors and has golden eyes. This Pit Viper species is found in Southern America only. Internal bleeding can occur due to its bite along with brain hemorrhage. Jararacas are usually found in open areas such as farmlands and near rivers. 25 mg venom is injected in the victim on biting which is less than fatal for most humans but quite deadly for lesser weighting animals.


9. Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra
The Indian Cobra is as related to the Hindu culture as the cow as many people claim that it turns into a human after 100 years! The u-type mark on the back side of its iconic hood is claimed to be a footmark of Krishna’s dance. Growing up to 6 feet in length, Indian Cobras are exceptionally speedy and hit multiple times. The LD50 reportedly is 0.45 mg/kg with up to 250 mg being injected per bite which paralyses muscles and can lead to complete CNS failure. The Indian cobra snakes are also one of the most dangerous cobra snakes of the world.


8. Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra
Found mostly in Northern Africa, the Egyptian Cobra range from brownish to ink black in color. Being bitten by such a snake causes prompt failure of the CNS which ultimately leads to Cardiac and Respiratory failure. It has the characteristic hood and flat head which it shows when feeling threatened. The Egyptian Cobra has had its share of limelight since historic times when Cleopatra was have said to use its venom as suicide poison and recently when it escaped from its cell in a Zoo in America! They rank at 8th position in the Top 10 Deadly snakes list currently.


7. Terciopelo

Also found in the Southern America region, the name Terciopelo means velvet in Spanish. They belong to the Pit Viper species and their females are the heaviest venomous snakes of the world. They usually flee when they come in contact with humans but will easily kill off any attacker when threatened. The venom of this snake is so dangerous that if not treated properly, the entire leg or arm where the snake has bitten can fall off in as less as 12 days! It is responsible for over 70% biting cases in its area but thankfully the death ratio is now around 0-5% only. The Terciopelo are fast moving, unpredictable snakes which can also shoot venom at you from as far as 6 feet!


6. Jararacussu

The Jararacussu is a type of a Pit viper found mostly in South America. It has almost 1000 mg venom in its poisonous fangs at a time of which up to 300 mg can be transferred in a single bite! Bites by juvenile Jararacussu snakes lead to coagulation of blood but larger ones cause instant death of all cells which come in contact with the poison and bleed from the bite as well as other areas.  A lot of deaths in its natural habitat are attributed to the Jararacussa Snake which brings it to the 6th place in the Top 10 deadly Snakes list.


5. Common Krait

Common Krait
Ranging from steel blue to dull grey, the Common Krait, like the Russell’s viper, is native to the subcontinent and responsible for most of the deaths from snake bites in this region. It lives like a true vampire; sleeping through the day and creating havoc in the nighttime. It is coils itself up and hides its head in self defense as biting is not on its priority list. However, it can get quite ugly if the Common Krait does decide to bit as it does not easily let its victim go and makes sure that up to 20 mgs venom has entered the victim.


4. Taipan

Also known as Fierce Snakes, the Taipan rank number 4 in the Top 10 Deadly Snakes list. It has three types including a recently discovered one (Costal, Inland and Central Ranges).  They are found in Australia and head pretty much every list in the continent from the most poisonous to the largest ones. Once inside the victim, the poison clots all the blood and blood vessels it travels to which makes it very deadly. They range in color from brown to cream. As expected, the first person to capture and document the Taipan snake died from its bite.


3. Russell’s Viper

Russell’s Viper
Known as “koriwala” in the subcontinent where it is in abundance, the Russell’s viper has distinct rings or chain-like markings on its body. It usually rests in cool spots throughout the day and hunts in the night. It coils up and hisses when threatened and readily strikes when intruder is within its range. LD50 of up to 2.6 mg/ kg has been seen in these types of snakes and they are responsible for almost all the deaths in the subcontinent as far as Taiwan each year. They are known to be quite aggressive as many Russell’s Vipers don’t let go after biting for some time!


2. Forest Cobra

Forest Cobra
The Forest Cobra is of the 22 cobra species known to man. It is also nicknamed the black and white cobra due to its color patterns. They are mainly found in forests of Africa and stand their ground when threatened. They easily grow over 7 feet being the 2nd largest cobras and eat their young when hungry. The bad tempered Forest Cobra envenoms its prey with up to 500 milligrams of dual poison with results in rapid paralysis so it can easily gulp the pray down which is mostly alive when being eaten!

1. Black Mamba

Black Mamba
Often fatally confused with harmless mole snakes by the uninitiated, the Black Mamba is found mainly in Africa. Not only it tops the Top 10 deadly Snakes list, it also holds the number one position in the Top 10 Most Aggressive as well as Top 10 Fastest Snakes! Although its color ranges from brown to grey (according to sub species), it’s the inside of its mouth which is jet black and hence its name. Fixed fangs in its coffin like head contain venom of LD50 0.185 which can deliver up to 400 mg of poison when needed which is enough to kill an elephant. The Black Mamba can stand up to 4 ft and look its prey in the eye!



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