Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World

top 10 most famous aliensThere are many aliens who have become so popular that they have become a part of our daily lives and we love to watch them on TV almost everyday. Aliens are still a part of our imagination and writers have created dozens of unique aliens to create wonderful stories and movies. The concept of using aliens was popularized by cartoons and was later adapted by shows and movies when the proper technology was made available. We have seen probably hundreds of aliens in TV serials, movies books and other places and have come to love them! Many people will complain after going through this list that their favorite aliens from Star Trek and Star Wars have not been added. That is true to an extent because adding them would have easily taken the list to more than 100. Some of the aliens we see on TV have been made half alien and half human or cyborg so they don’t qualify for this list. Please leave a comment about your favorite ones! Here are the Top 10 most famous aliens we have seen in TV shows and movies.





10. Chewbacca

Chewbacca is placed 10th in the Top 10 most famous aliens list and is probably the most famous sidekick in the history of entertainment. Chewbacca, or chewie as he is called, is a male wookie who serves as first mate on the famous Millennium Falcon and is a companion to Han Solo. Chewbacca does not speak the English language and is said to be based on Lucas’s dog named Indiana (which, ironically, spawned off another hit)! Although he has not appeared in many movies, Chewbacca is nonetheless loved by his fans for his attitude and gestures.


9. Doctor Who

Doctor Who
With more than 700 episodes, Doctor Who has become quite famous within and outside the entertainment circles. Doctor Who was started back in 1963 but missed a couple of seasons only to become regular once again from 2005 till date. Doctor Who is a human shaped alien who travels through time trying to do well to the civilizations and people he comes in contact with. Doctor Who has contact with other aliens from his time and race and often calls them for help.


8. Alf

Although it ran of 4 years only, the comedy show Alf became quite popular among the young and old because of the cute and funny alien which is the main character of the show. Alf (alien life form) crashes into earth and has to live with an average American family till he can find a way to get back. His appetite for cats is quite hilarious. Alf is from the planet Melmac which exploded due to some technology experiment. Alf has almost 30 relatives who are present on earth and so he doesn’t get very lonely. The ending, however, was catastrophic as the Army picks Alf up and then the show is cancelled!


7. Aliens and Predators

Aliens and Predators
Aliens and Predators are 7th in the Top 10 most famous aliens list and are in fact two different types of aliens. They have been cross referenced many times and have been given a separate franchise! Predators became famous from the movie of the same name in which Arnold Schwarzenegger also starred. Aliens, on the other hand, were a different breeds altogether and started of as micro organisms coming to earth through astronauts and taking over their bodies and reproducing quickly.


6. The Solomons

3rd rock from the sun
The Solomons were the alien spies in human shape which were sent to earth to scout on us in the hit comedy show 3rd rock from the sun. The entire family took up looked like an average American family but were intelligent and expert military officers from their worlds. What ensues is quite hilarious as they observe human behavior and intelligence levels, often creating funny and comedic situations. They later on grew accustomed to this new life and often got wayward of their original mission. The Solomons are placed 6th in the Top 10 most famous aliens list.


5. Jedi Master Yoda

Jedi Master Yoda
If you can stop wondering about the height and appearance of the Jedi Master Yoda and his strange and appealing way in which he talks, you can understand why he is the most popular and famous alien in the Star Wars franchise and 5th in the Top 10 most famous aliens list. Between his appearance as the true master of Luke and his death at the ripe age of 900 years, Jedi Master Yoda depicts the perfect example of a wise friend and teacher who is as fearless as he is determined to bring evil to and end once and for all!


4. Transformers

The Transformers franchise was given a new breath of life when the comic and cartoon series was brought to the silver screen. Transformers franchise saw the release of two block buster movies in the last couple of years and this has greatly boosted their fame. The Transformers are shape shifting alien cyborgs and machines which take on the shape of vehicles. They are divided into two groups and the ones in favor of humans are led by Optimus Prime.


3. Commander Spock

Commander Spock
Although half human, we have added Commander Spock in the list because his mother was human but his father was not. So technically, he is a full alien with half of a human background! Now a retired captain of the Starship Enterprise, Commander Spock is one of the main characters of the original Star Trek storyline. Commander Spock always gave the logical advice which had nothing to do with emotion of matters of the heart which came as quite a contrast to the then Captain James T. Kirk thoughts and actions.


2. ET

ET is probably the most loved alien on this list and comes in 2nd only to superman in the Top 10 most popular aliens list. ET means extraterrestrial or something not living on land or this world which is the best description you can give it. Although a complete alien with a large head, glassy eyes and 3 fingers, ET won millions of hearts and later saw hundreds of rip offs copying its style and appearance. The movie ET was rereleased 3 times and is no doubt the most popular Sci-Fi movie ever made!


1. Superman

No longer do we need to deliberate if it was a bird, plane or a bullet! We all have come to love superman as we do our president! Superman is the all time most loved alien on earth and has from the planet krypton. He is immortal and immune to everything (except for that green radioactive element!). Going strong since 1938, Superman was sent to earth by his father to save him from the dying planet. Superman has become a symbol of courage and hope, the large red S mark on his chest is more recognized around the world than then American Flag. According to many people Superman was not an alien but in reality he belong to the race of aliens.



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