Top 10 Funniest Eminem Songs

Top 10 funniest Eminem SongsEminem Songs range from the color of our President’s inner wear to the deepest caves in the world! The Top 10 funniest Eminem Songs compiled here show the satairical side of this hip hop sensation. Although some of his songs have nothing to do with logic or common sense, many of them made us laugh and wonder how clever the real Slim Shady really is. Witty remarks and the ability to turn even the most serious of the situations into funny stories come abundantly in these Emninem songs. Some people are not quite comfortablw with his songs and have been quite vocal about them, calling him irresponsible and “not quite there” in the head. Others, like the millions of fans worldwide, love his songs! Following is the list of Top 10 funniest Eminem Songs rated according to popularity and chart rankings.




10. My dad’s gone crazy

9. Puke

8. Girls

7. Just lose it

6. The Kids

5. Drips

4. Hey Lady

3. Like that

2. Real slim Shady

1. Without me

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