Top 10 Funniest Signs

Top 10 Funniest SignsFunniest signs have been popping up all over the place due to shifting marketing strategies as well as changing consumer mind frame. Some of the funniest signs have been able to attract people’s attention and they usually tell their friends about these funniest signs and urge them to visit the restaurant or mall where they saw it! Ofcourse, some have been made out of anger at the consumers which the management is unable to express directly! Some of the funniest signs are actually not meant to be funny but are misinterpreted due to language or some other reason. The Asians have been known to translate their most serious instructions into English; only to make them into the funniest signs you’ve ever seen! The third category of the funniest signs are the tampered ones; the ones in which a little detail has been added by our imaginative citizens that has transformed the message completely! Enjoy the Top 10 Funniest Signs list and do send us pictures of the Funniest Signs you have seen!




10. Fast Food

mcdonalds funniest signs

Fast food companies have been using everything under the sun to get people to eat their, err…food. This includes using fancy words which will make them look professional and well educated. This sign certainly endorses the fact that they are neither of the above!


9. Sparta

Sparta funniest signs

Though a bit cheesy, the line form the action movie 300 has become a staple part of creative references. This is Sparta, screams Leonidas, as he kicks the slave into the well. This is actually a historic plastic tablet dug up near Sparta which shows that the movie was authentic.


8. Fresh Air

Fresh Air funniest signs

Recycling air has been of great interest to engineers who work on heating and cooling systems. This time around, however, they have appealed to the masses through the funniest signs to stop their contributions to the building’s heating system as well as global warming!


7. Caution

drunk people funniest signs

Though a little over the top, some of the funniest signs we find around town are very near the truth! This caution indicator shows what the people are really capable of (physically and mentally) once they are under the influence (wink)! It also looks like an ad for the famous 80s movie “Baby’s Day out”!


6. Dog

Funniest Dog signs

Dogs do understand a lot of things their masters teach them. Leave it to the Canadians to bypass the authority of the owner and talk to the dog themselves! Thankfully the message is short and is even translated into the “master’s” language!


5. Free Ride

free ride funniest signs

Free ride for all who get caught! Actually, the sticker advises you not to get caught while doing your business! Apart from the free ride, the package offers you free publicity which is going to make your friends really proud of you. The trouble only starts when you get home.


4. Chinese

Chinese resturant funniest Signs

With all due respect, Chinese do tend to mess up a few signs every now and then. People from around the world sometimes eat what we usually prefer to keep as pets and this is what the message is playing at. Knowing Chinese people, I have a hunch that this is a brilliant marketing tactic and unlike the other funniest signs on this list.


3. Funniest Signs

Funniest Signs

You are bound to find the funniest signs at the place where you least expect it. You think it’s the funniest sign till you get till the last line. Imagine you have just sped past it and are joking to your friend about it till the last line hits you. Spooky!


2. Downhill

bike funniest signs

Going downhill on a bike can be thrilling for some but this downhill sign does advise you to keep your pants dry until you reach the bottom of the slope! Actually, some smart guy scratched off the s and d in “speed” and turned it into pee! Wonder if he did it based on past experience.


1. Family Love Funniest Signs

family love funniest signs

The family love shown in this picture tops the Top 10 Funniest Signs list. Notice that the intent is actually very good but sometimes even these people have one of those days when nothing they do or say comes out right. Hope this guy gets a new job soon!




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