Top 10 Google Easter Eggs

Top 10 Google Easter EggsAn Easter egg, on the internet atleast, means a hidden or veiled message hidden in plain view or visible to only those who know where to find it! Google is quite famous for its totally unexpected April’s Fools pranks, Ester Eggs and Hoaxes which is mercilessly throws at its users and despite knowing better, millions fall for it every year! It has been a sort of tradition for Google to come up with new and exciting ideas on every occasion and especially the New Year.  The Easter Eggs can come as big surprise announcements which are too good to be real or as special limited time offers for its dedicated and loyal users. They may be anything from the words falling off your screen when a certain command is executed to totally fake gadgets which promise to transform your life! Google, however, decided to skip this year’s hoax due to the natural disasters which rocked Japan and took any lives. Listed below, in no specific order, are the Top 10 Google Easter Eggs.



10. Meliza


The common man thought till now that no intelligent life form existed on planets other than Earth. The wise man knows that it doesn’t exist on earth either! Anyways, Google made a breakthrough by finding one on Mars call Meliza and promptly linking it up so that it can answer all questions about Mars as well as give little known information about it! Meliza can be searched up by the Google search bar or by going to The Mars Feature through Google Earth. Meliza speaks an ancient language with is translated courtesy of Google but not without minor grammar mistakes! Meliza ranks 10th in the list of Top 10 Google Easter eggs.

9. The Calculator

The Calculator

Google loves science and math and attempts to mix them up here in the Calculator. The Calculator does not step back from any problem and has an answer for almost any question including the meaning of life! It acknowledges anything from the toe per hour to the mention of the loneliest number of the world (1). It even knows how many horns a true unicorn has and a few famous lines from a couple of movies and books! How you’ll wish your math teacher had the same approach to solving problems as The Calculator does! The Calculator on Google does solve simple problems other than the ones mentioned above.

8. Barrel roll

Barrel roll

The next 5 Easter Eggs on this list are relatively easy to do and are sort of rewarding to look at. Go to and type Barrel Roll and then hit search. The entire screen will do a Barrel Roll. This may not be very productive but is extremely amusing to look at. The screen comes back to its normal position. If you want to see it again, you’ll have to go to the previous page again. A Nintendo video game called Star Fox 64 is said to be the inspiration behind this Easter Egg in which the jet did a Barrel Roll on pressing Z or R twice.

7. Tilt


Number 7 on the Top 10 Google Easter Eggs in Tilt. Just as the previous one, go to and search for it. You can also search askew to get the same effect. As expected, the page tilts a bit to the side. Refresh to get back the correct alignment. Congratulations! Now you have seen everything! End of show. On to the next!

6. Snow


The latest addition in the Easter Eggs by Google list is Snow! Search for snow or let it snow and then sit back and enjoy the nice snow. The screen frosts up after a bit and you have to defrost it to continue enjoying the cold weather. The snowflakes are pretty decent and as no two are alike, you can sit in from of your monitor for hours just to prove them right! Works wonders in those parts of the world where snow does not fall even in the winter!

5. Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton felt it. Neil Armstrong felt 1/18th of it on the moon. We feel it every day. And finally Google has come under its influence as well! Punch in Gravity in the main Google search page and see everything crash to the floor in front of your very eyes! Google Gravity then makes sure everything stays there. The fun part begins now as you can toss up everything in the air again and again and make a mess out of Google and its options!

4. ASCII art


This one is relatively easier than the top 3 about to come. Just type ASCII art or ascii art in the Google search bar and enter the world of ASCII art. ASCII is basically pictures formed by 95 allowable characters used in ASCII and the result ranges from some simple texts to breathtaking pictures! Complete facial features with evident emotions can be created by ASCII but only by professionals! The Google logo itself turns into an ASCII art albeit a colored one. The search results are not affected by this in any way.

3. A penguin

A penguin

What Google actually offers at number three in the list of Top 10 Google Ester Eggs is actually a very spiritual experience. It gives us deep insight about how one of the cutest animals in the world sees the world! Just go over to Antarctica and turn on the photos option if you have it turned off. Now, find the largest photo here and place the Mr. Orange man on it. Voila! You have now been transformed into a penguin and can explore Antarctica like never before! Flop around with happy feet and get a firsthand experience of the Antarctica landscape from a penguin’s eyes!

2. One does not simply walk into Mordor!

One does not simply walk into Mordor

Just go to Google Maps and click on the get directions button. Next, put “The Shire” in the upper field which is the initial place, or A, and type “Mordor” or “” as the second place, or B, you want the directions to. Make sure that you have selected the walking mode with the pedestrian on it. This hilariously shows a warning that “Use caution – One does not simply walk into Mordor.”! This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings by J.K. Rowling in which Frodo (our little hero) has to travel from the Middle Earth to the impenetrable Mordor were the ring is to be destroyed. Boromir tells them that One does not simply walk into Mordor and the phrase became quite popular!

1. The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness MonsterGoogle provides every user his own customized page which is known as iGoogle which has a hidden Loch Ness Monster. Just go to that page and set the theme to Beach. Then sit back and relax. The reason that this Easter egg has been rated number 1 in the Top 10 Google Easter Eggs list that it takes the longest to find out and is quite unique from the others. What to wait for? At exactly 3:14 in the morning, the Loch Ness Monster comes to the surface for one full minute and then disappears back in the murky water in the background! Same is the case with some of the other themes on this page which show something special exactly at this time.




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