Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit

Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup KitThe list of Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit basically takes a look at those items which are an important part of your make up. We also will tell you how and why theses makeup products so critical for you and should always be kept in your hand bag. Choosing the smokey eyes look or opting for the minimalist and natural look, keeping these cosmetic products handy will let you change your entire look within minutes which comes in quite handy for the working girls! Just make sure you know what you are doing while using these items as make, even when overdone slightly, looks out of place and very noticeable. These Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit do come at a price but are not really that expensive. The only important thing I have omitted from this list is a moisturizer because we all understand that leaving your house without one is a very big sin! Enjoy the list of Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit!!!





10. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is applied on eyelashes starting from the centre of the eye and towards the inner corner of the eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger and attractive and gives you that perfect cat eyes look! The Liquid Eyeliner gives you total control over the contouring of the eyes and looks dazzling when used properly with glossy lips and metallic eye shadows. Liquid Eyeliners are available in more than 20 colors from great companies like NYX but black color is the most preferred one. Liquid Eyeliner ranks 10th in the Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit list.


9. Blush


Blush is also one of the important must haves and is placed 9th in the Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit list because you do not need to carry it around with you and an initial application on the cheeks is enough to last you the day. It is in powder form and is applied on the cheeks with soft brushes to produce a highlight contour strip on the cheeks and to alter the effect of the cheekbone. Women with a rounder face should use Blush to their advantage and apply it so that their face appears slimmer.


8. Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow makes our eyes very attractive and a treat to look at! Eye shadow is easily available in powder and liquid form and recently as a pencil to make a variety of effects. It comes in all the rainbow colors as well as special colors like metallic shades. Up to three different eye shadows are sometimes used in producing a striking and beautiful effect! It is usually applied on the area between eyelids and eyebrows. Eye Shadow should be smoothed down and evened out by fingers after application to get a uniform and fuller look. Eye Shadows end up 8th in the list of Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit.


7. Eyeliner


Eyeliners are used to give extra shape or definition to the eyes and it makes the eyes looks bigger and more attractive. The Eyeliner is used to give added shape to our eyes and is used to produce any type of desired contouring to the eyes. It is applied at the upper as well as the lower eyelids of the eyes. Though it is available as gel, Khol, liquid and powder, the most popular Eyeliner is the wax pencil one which is very easy to apply. The effect of the Eyeliner is so profound and eye catching that even guys have started using it (called a guyliner)!


6. Foundation


Our makeup kit is incomplete without a good quality Foundation. Foundation is ranked as 6th of the Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit list. It can easily be applied with fingers and is basically used for evening out or enhancing your complexion. A good Foundation gives a fresh and bright look to the face. The best thing about Foundation is that it also covers all the Acne scars as well as blemishes to give the skin a very clean and perfect look. Foundations are also available liquid and have been dubbed pancakes!


5. Concealer


Concealer is as important as the foundation as it camouflages dark circles found under the eyes as well as dark spots and marks. It is applied after the foundation has been evenly spread on the face. Concealer comes in three forms; stick, cream and liquid form and all three types are pretty easy to use. The best thing about the Concealer is that it is directly applied to the blemish or spot which needs to be blended and works wonders with just a little amount! It is a gift from heaven is you have dark circles or acne! Concealer comes in at 5th in the Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit list.


4. Loose Powder

Loose Powder

Loose powder comes in skinny color and gives your skin golden smooth gleam soft look. Loose powder is another form of foundation and it is applied after a liquid foundation or powder. It controls brightness and extra oil and gives your skin that smooth and oil free look. Loose Powder lengthens the life of your makeup and is usually followed by blush to complete the perfect skin look! However, Loose Powder does not conceal spots or blemishes and a Concealer should be used before applying Loose Powder for this purpose.


3. Lipstick


Lipstick comes in 3rd in the Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit. Lipstick is available in many colors but red and pink are the most popular and demanded colors. Lipstick manufacturers like MAC, NYX and Revlon have created many shades of red and pink for the sake of variety as well as personal choice of the user. Lipstick can be applied to the lips directly to get that great and full look but using a brush for applying lipstick makes the effect so much better! Lipstick can be matched with our clothes but it is mostly used to compliment our face look. Lipstick also gives a fuller and thicker look if applied towards the outside of the lips and towards the inner side of the lips for a narrower look.


2.  Mascara


Mascara is the second most important makeup kit item and should be carried around wherever you go. Mascara is available as cake, liquid and cream and each of these forms have their own distinct look. Companies like CoverGirl, Max Factor and Maybelline make Mascara with their own separate formulas but mascaras have the same basic ingredients like waxes, color, and oils. Mascara is applied on the eyelashes and it gives an incredible beauty and volume to them. It is applied with a small rod with a brush at the end and extra care should be taken when doing so. Just wait till you get some Mascara into your eyes and you’ll know!


1. Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a makeup cosmetic product is used for smoothness and shiny attractive lips. Therefore, it gets the number 1 position in Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit list! A lot of emphasis goes to the eyes and lips and for a very good reason. Lip Gloss comes in many colors and different varieties. Lip gloss comes in tubes which can be applied directly be squeezing it out or by means of a brush. Lip Gloss tubes are usually small so that they can easily be kept in our purse or pockets. Lip gloss is also used by some men because it comes in invisible or transparent colors! It is basically a moisturizer and protects our lips from the harsh environment while giving it a shiny luster and a hint of color as well! Metallic colors have become quite popular lately.




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