Top 10 Highest bridges Ever

top 10 Highest bridgesThere are many awesome bridges constructed all over the world and many have made their name in history on the basis of their construction marvel. Ponte Vecchio of Florence Italy, Tower Bridge of London and many more are an open example of well constructed bridges. The main purpose of building a bridge is to connect two places together so that people can move easily without any hurdles of traffic or rush. According to one of my professor a kiss is a connection between two souls and a bridge is a connection between two places.  Sometimes they are also built by such point of view that it can become a short cut and a lot of transportation time can be saved. Moreover sometimes bridges become a tourist spot for most of the people while driving on it they stop by for second to capture the great memories of their life while travelling. The following list is basically made for those bridges which are the tallest ones in the world. One interesting thing is tall bridges, Skyscrapers and any kind of other mega structures is that they have always become one of the most challenging goals for engineers.


10. Pont de Normandie

Pont normandie

Pont de Normandie is located in Northern France making a connection between Honfleur and Le Harve. It took seven years for the construction of Pont de Normandie and was finally built in 1995. Pont de Normandie has a measured height of Pont de Normandie including the 2 huge towers top is almost 215 meters. More over it is near about 160 feet high from the water level. It is designed especially for low traffic and that’s one of the reasons that mostly high traffic vehicles are not seen on it. Basically it’s a cable stayed bridge and becomes an eye catching view for visitors and tourists when they reach the exact center of the Pont de Normandie while crossing it. Along with that the total length of Pont de Normandie is 2,143.2 meters (7.032 feet).

9. Tatara Bridge

Tatara Bridge

Tatara Bridge is located in Japan. The bridge combines 2 islands Honshu and Shikoku in to one. The construction of Tatara Bridge was a difficult task and it took 7 years to complete it. Basically it’s a Motorway/freeway bridge and was completed and opened in 1999.  Tatara Bridge is a cable stayed bridge having two towers standing high in the sky. The measured height of this tall bridge in total including the towers top is 220 meters (722 feet). The total length of this massive mega structure is 1,480 meters (4,856 feet). From the tourists point of view that if you come to Japan and didn’t see this tall bridge then your tour or vacation is incomplete.


8. Foresthill Bridge

Foresthill Bridge

Foresthill Bridge is the 2nd oldest bridge in our list of Top 10 tallest bridges and it is located in Auburn USA. It was built in 1973 and has a very low level of traffic. The name reflects the personality and actual constructed place of the Foresthill Bridge. It was built in. The actual height of this huge bridge from the ground level is 223 meters (730 feet). One of the most interesting things about it is that it has been used in a  popular Hollywood movies in which Vin Diesel was the leading actor (hope you got to see  xxx from 2002) and one more thing that now days the young generation prefer Foresthill Bridge for Base Jumping.


7. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate

Here comes one of my favorites. Golden Gate Bridge is the oldest bridge in our list of tallest bridges and was constructed in 1937. Currently Golden Gate holds the 7th position in our list on the basis of its height. At that time era the construction of Golden Gate was near to impossible but for a man nothing is impossible except making the dead alive now days. Golden Gate is a giant mega structure built with steel and is used for the connection between San Francisco Peninsula and Marin County. The recorded height of Golden Gate is 227.4 meters (746 feet). Golden Gate has been used in hundreds of Hollywood but the maximum attention which it got was in the movie X men The Last Stand 2006 (one of my favorite movies).


6. The Great Belt East Bridge

The Great Belt East Bridge

The Great Belt East Bridge was built in Denmark in 1998 and provides a connection between Zealand and Sprogo. The recorded height of Great Belt Bridge is 254 meters (833 feet). The total length of this mega structure is 3,790 meters (22,277 feet). One interesting thing to know about Great belt is that it is almost 246 feet above the sea level. The two towers of the huge mega structure give the resemblance of two huge doors from which you are passing.



5. Stonecutters Bridge

Stonecutters Bridge

Stonecutters Bridge is one of the most remarkable mega structures of the current era. Located in Hong Kong and was constructed in 2009. The total measured height is 298 meters (978 feet).If you ever visited Hong Kong and you didn’t went to view this bridge at night then trust me you lost 20 % of the entertainment view. This huge skyscraper looking Stonecutters Bridge is also considered as one of the longest cable stayed bridge all over the world.




4. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was built in 1998. It is located in Japan and is used for Motorway/Freeway. The recorded height of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is 298.3 meters (978.4 feet) which makes it just slightly higher than Stonecutters (number 5th) Akashi Kaikyo is one of the longest suspension bridges of the world. It’s having a spectacular view in day. If you are afraid of heights then it will be a nightmare for you to cross this bridge. This giant mega structure was almost near to impossible to construct because of several factors like earthquakes, extremely high speed wind and crossing one of the world busiest shipping lanes but as I mentioned earlier nothing is impossible for man these days. It is also considered as a symbol of pride for Japan.


3. Sutong Yangtze River Bridge

Sutong Yangtze River Bridge

Sutong Yangtze River Bridge is located in China and was built in 2008 with a purpose of crossing Yangtze River and connecting Changshu and Nantong. The recorded height of this massive mega structure is 306 meters (1,004 feet). The construction of Sutong Yangtze River Bridge has saved almost 3 hours drive between the cities. Due to its exceptional design it has become one of the most interesting places to visit for tourists of China. From tourists’ point of views the giant pillars of Sutong Yangtze River Bridge gives a look of narrow pyramids standing high in the sky while some say that they look like an alphabet Y.


2. Bridge to Russky Island

Bridge to Russky Island

Bridge to Russky Island is a bridge which is still under construction but according to latest stats it hold the 2nd position in our list. Bridge to Russky Island is going to be the world’s largest cable stayed bridges and will be connecting Vladivostok Mainland and Island areas to become an important part of transportation system. It is going to be 225 feet high than the water level. The actual height of Bridge to Russky Island from ground will be 320.9 meters (1052.55 feet). The estimated completion will be in 2012 but the specific month is not guaranteed. There are many rumors getting around about Bridge to Russky Island that it is going to be a city logo, a landmark of the country and a brand mark for the construction company


1. Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge of the world which is located in Millau France and was built in 2004. As it the tallest one in the world, its highest tower stands 343 meters (1125.04 feet) high in the sky. It is so high that sometimes when you are crossing it you will not be able to see the earth because it is covered under the clouds. If we do some analysis regarding mega structures then Millau Viaduct are among those which are almost impossible to be constructed. From tourists point of view it’s a freeway in the sky which gives you an awesome view of nature. According to highly skilled engineers, just imagine that you are building a bridge on a series of Eiffel towers. It sounds pretty dangerous and impossible but this is the best way of describing the construction of Millau Viaduct.



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