Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012

Hindi SongsHindi Songs 2012 have been getting better and better as the big movies and titles have started to roll out. With the summer fever at its peak, Bollywood Hindi songs have finally delivered all the promised fun and great music we were promised at the beginning of the year. Top Hindi Songs June 2012 are much of a mixed group with influences going back to the 60s in some of the songs! Other are simply mind blowing Dance numbers which will make you want to jump and shake! Movies like Rowdy Rathore and Cocktail have provided us with one of the best Hindi Songs of the year 2012 and are as fun to watch on the TV as they are to listen to on your iPhone or iPod! These Hindi Songs videos shown below also show who much effort the guys at Bollywood out into their songs nowdays as the choreography depicts exactly (though a bit over the top; just the way we love it!) what the lyrics and beats are trying to convey! Enjoy these Hindi Songs 2012 and keep listening!



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10. Aa Ante Amalapuram

Aa Ante Amalapuram is the latest Bollywood item song which is making heads turn. Featured in the movie Maximum, Aa Ante Amalapuram is a groovy dance number which is as fun as it is eye catching. This time around, its Salman Khan’s latest flame who has decided to appear in Hindi songs.  Hazel appeared as a side kick to Kareena Kapoor in Bodyguard and has since been quite busy doing various parts in movies and Hindi Songs. She certainly has the moves and curves to make it big in the Bollywood business! Aa Ante Amalapuram ranks 10th in the Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012 list.


9. Pani Da Rang

Off the movie Vicky Donor, Pani Da Rung has a very catchy rhythm and the strumming is simply out of this world. Pani Da Rung is a sweet little love song which shows the love of a man for his land as well as his people! The guitar is very catchy and makes it very hard to ignore this song. Abhishek-Akshay are yet again responsible for this beautiful track as they have proved time and again with countless Hindi songs. A Punjabi Bhangra is also present in the Vicky Donor album along with this Punjabi Ballad Pani Da Rung and are Hindi Songs which you should check out!


8. Jiya Tu Bihar Ke Lala

The secret of Hindi Songs is that they are always fresh and continue to surprise as well as amaze us year after year! Jiya Tu Bihar Ke Lala from the Bollywood movie Gangs of Wasseypur is a amazingly good track once you understand the gist of it. The percussions and electric guitar combination is very good indeed! Manoj Tiwari shines as a singer in this particular track which is part of its charm and attraction. Jiya Tu Bihar Ke Lala from Gangs of Wasseypur ranks 8th in the Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012 list.


7. Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest Bollywood actors of this decade and the king of comedy. Rowdy Rathore yet again certifies this point pretty well through its Hindi Songs. Although you might sees some similarities between Rowdy Rathore and the super hit Dabaang (police, moustaches etc), all the similarities end in the opening minutes. Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita is a mind bending song which is so much fun that you will actually forget you can’t understand most of the lyrics. The video of Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita is simpky hilarious with Akshay Kumar giving it all and Sonakshi equaling the performance with her “jhaktas”! Mika Singh is brilliant as usual and the song Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita is full of his trademark style as found in other Hindi Songs.


6. Aa Re Pritam Pyaare

The second song from the Rowdy Rathore movie Aa Re Pritam Pyaare is a Bollywood Item song all set to make the hearts beat faster of all the men watching! The song is basically in the praise of one Rowdy Rathore but extra flavors have been added to keep everyone interested! The lyrics in Hindi songs of Bollywood have sometimes been controversial but this item song takes it the whole way! Three relatively unknown item girls Mumaith Khan, Maryam Zakaria and Shakti Mohan perform in Aa Re Pritam Pyaare which will make your blood pressure soar! Aa Re Pritam Pyaare ranks 6th in the Top 10 Hindi songs June 2012 list.


5. Dhadang Dhang

Three is a charm and Rowdy Rathore has done it easily with three songs in the Top 10 Hindi songs June 2012 list! Sajid-Wajid are at it again with the song Dhadang Dhang doing wonders for them. It is receiving plenty of air time both on the radio as well as TV. Dhadang Dhang is an outgoing number with dance moves simply out of this world. The Akshay- Sonakshi couple can’t just stop moving and they just have to shake and move at every beat! The song Dhadang Dhang is just a way of showing how these guys can generate Hindi Songs full of fun and entertainment out of nothing at all!


4. Daru Desi

The Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Bollywood movie Cocktail is much awaited and its songs have done wonders for it already. Daru Desi is one of the many Hindi songs which have become popular off the Cocktail movie. Pritam has again shows his magic and is a natural at making hits. Daru Desi is a easy going love song in which two lovers express the joys of being in love. Deepika Padukone is looking very fresh in the song. Second hand jawani is another song off this movie which you cant miss! Daru Desi ranks 4th in the Top 10 Hindi songs June 2012 list.


3. Humse Pyaar Karle Tu

Teri Meri Kahaani also has its share of hit Hindi Songs and Humse Pyaar Karle Tu is first of the two featured in this list. Humse Pyaar Karle Tu stars the cute Shahid Kappor and dazzling Priyanka Chopra as two desi lovers who want it big. The choreography has been critisied a lot but the song is doing well anyway. Many find it funny at Shahid just can’t let go his shirt! What do you think about this video? Has the director done justice to this Hindi songs? Let us know in the comments section!


2. Mukhtasar

The second track off the Bollywood movie Teri Meri Kahaani is again a Sajid-Wajid number and is doing rounds everywhere! Mukhtasar is a soft melodious number which is soothing and pleasing to the ears at the same time. Although the beats are quite heavy and solid, Mukhtasar is one of those Hindi Songs which will bring a smile to your face anytime of the day! The lyrics are really quite deeper than you realize in the first few hearings and will understand them as the song grows on you! Mukhtasar ranks second in the Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012 list.


1. Tum Hi Ho Bandhu

Topping the Top 10 Hindi songs June 2012 charts is the rocking number Tum Hi Ho Bandhu from Cocktail. Tum Hi Ho Bandhu is already a hit and shows the creativity of Pritam who has infused the eastern and western music flawlessly. Tum Hi Ho Bandhu also has a pretty decent lyrical side and falls just a bit short of being called the best song of the year! The high energy dance moves go along well with this song and the video itself asks you to go wild and become free! The singer also has a unique and different voice which makes this song so much better and different from other Hindi Songs!




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