Top 10 Internet Browsers

Internet BrowsersInternet browsers are the gateways which get you  connected to the world of Internet. It is almost unbelievable that people were aware of just one or maybe two Internet browsers only a couple of years ago. These used to rule the Internet browsers market and were the most commonly used Internet browsers all over the world. As better and faster alternate internet browsers become available, people started switching to different internet browsers depending on personnel choices and features which suits them the most according to their work as well as leisure needs while browsing. One of our regular reader requested a list of most secure Internet browsers of the world that’s why we have broughtyou the list of top 10 most secure Internet browsers of the world. The list has been finalized on the basis of many factors including real time people views and comments, total number of downloads, average demands, Feature set, security, speed and compatibility, ease of use, help & support  and lot more. Enjoy the list and don’t forget to tell which internet browsers you think are the best and most secure.


Internet browsers list


10. Avant Browser

Avant Browser

Avant Browser surpassed all other Internet browsers downloaded in 2007 and was set to be the next big thing in coming years. We can’t estimate the total number of downloads in 2011 or 2012 because of the in-numerous sources from which these internet browsers were downloaded from the Internet. Avant Browser is built off windows trident layout engines, the same engines which Microsoft Internet explorer uses. However, Avant Browser uses a lot of new features that help us distinguish it from Microsoft browser and other internet browsers of the world. In earlier versions, Avant Browser didn’t support auto form filling but now the Avant Browser does almost everything by itself. After you register with Avant Browser, you can save your bookmarks, RSS feeds and web passwords for use with any computer anywhere in the world. However, if we rate it while considering all the other aspects, Avant Browser holds 6.5 out of 10 in the list of internet browsers.


9. Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer is considered to be one of the fastest Internet browsers present on our list. Although it might lack in some features like security as compared to other Internet browsers, it is easy to use and whenever you get stuck on something, the Deepnet Explorer team gives you quick solutions around the clock! One of the best features in Deepnet Explorer is that it is one of the best Internet browsers for good P2P sharing services and that at just a fraction of hassle and time required for other internet browsers. However, issues in this area might take some time getting sorted out. When it comes to ratings and point’s calculation, the Deepnet Explorer holds 9th place in the list of best internet browsers.


8. SeaMonkey


SeaMonkey cannot be considered just an Internet browser because SeaMonkey is basically a slimdown version of Firefox. If compared to other well known Internet browsers, it doesn’t have those extra features like Firefox neither the security level is that much high. In simple words it’s an Internet application site and this is how they represent themselves. In easy words it’s just like a Mozilla program slimmed down and put all to one. Like Firefox thunderbird, Chatzilla and their html editor and address book. So you don’t want your email client and Internet browser to spread around your whole computer and you have to click separate icons every time you want to access something so it’s a better choice to consider SeaMonkey. If we calculate the score than SeaMonkey scores 7 out 10 points in the list of internet browsers.


7. Rockmelt


When it comes to Internet browsers than everyone has their own choices and some people like to use Rockmelt because of its some unique features which might not be found in other Internet browsers. You might add extensions or add on to your existing browsers to avail such kind of experience which Rockmelt users do but the true experience of such features can be gained if you use Rockmelt yourself. One of the best features of Rockmelt Internet browser is that you have a sidebar on the right side of the browser in which you can carry on with your social network activities without opening any new window. Rockmelt is fast and easy to use Internet browser with many extra features as well. When it comes to rating and rankings, Rockmelt scores 7.5 points out of 10 in the list of internet browsers.


6. Maxthon


When it come to working around with maximum number of tabs open in the same time than Maxthon browser is one of the most favorite and popular choice of many Internet users which use various Internet browsers. Maxthon browser has a unique usage procedure of working around with the tabs which is its most popular feature as well. You can just right click and move mouse up while opening this Internet browser and that’s a jester to open a new tab which is quite cool and interesting and not found in many popular Internet browsers. And if you want to close the tab just repeat the same procedure by moving the mouse down and the tabs would be closed. It’s easy to use and relatively fast compared with many browsers. Although many people are not aware of Maxthon browser but it worth’s a try. If we calculate the rating of Maxthon browser out of 10 than it holds 8 points which is quite good as compared to its usage features which are quite interesting in the list of internet browsers.


5. Safari


Safari is one of those Internet browsers which has the title of showing all the items correctly and currently there are only 2 Internet browsers in the world which gets 100 out of hundred for showing the content properly. The first one is google chrome and the 2ndone is Safari. One of the best things about Safari browser is that it is one of those Internet browsers which are very easy to use and do not have those complicated operations which a normal user is unable to go through easily. Almost any Internet user can operate them and can use Safari browser according to their requirements. The speed, compatibility and security level of this Internet browser is also good and can be listed out in the list of most reliable browsers. The latest features of safari browser have many new things which can become the eye of attraction for this Internet browser. The points rating of Safari Browser is 8.7 out of 10 in the list of internet browsers.


4. Opera

Opera Browser

Opera browser is one of the most powerful and reliable Internet browsers especially for mobile users. Opera Browser has many features which you might see in other browsers as well on the list but the unique thing about Opera browser is that it is a very popular browser in most of the countries and people love to use it because of its layout, speed, compatibility and support. Opera browser is also counted in the list of fastest browsers of the world. Opera browser contains all the specialities and things which might be used by any Internet user all over the world. The zoom in and out feature is one of the most popular feature of Opera browser. If we calculate the rating than Opera browser holds 9 points out of 10 in the list of internet browsers.


3. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest Internet browsers in the online world. There was the tie when Internet Explorer was the only option available to users in most of the countries to get connected to the online world but with the passage of time new Internet browsers came in and captured most of the market. But even than Internet Explorer holds a vast amount of users still because there are many countries in which people love to stay with old is gold. I remember myself that Internet Explorer was the first Internet browser which I opened to make my yahoo account. The security level of Internet Explorer has increased and advanced with the passage of time and many new versions came in day by day to increase the performance and compatibility to maintain the repute and good will. A part from a huge competition of many popular Internet browsers, Internet Explorer still holds the attention of many old Internet users because for them Internet Explorer looks easy to operate and use as compared to other Internet browsers present on the list. Internet Explorer gets 9 points out of 10 in our list of best Internet browsers.


2. Firefox


Firefox is one of the most renowned Internet browsers in the current era. Almost all the people who perform online working prefer it because of its maximum security level along with a vast variety of plug in and extensions. The help and support which Firefox Internet browser team provides is beyond the mark. There are tons of features in Firefox that can be tweaked to change your browsing experience right from the options menu including a number of advance features. Firefox has a separate pop up window for viewing and managing browser history. It’s detailed and easy to manage as compared to all other Internet browsers of the world. Firefox also pops up a separate window for dealing with your bookmarks which might look a bit cheesy but to be honest it’s a relief to have your bookmarks stored separately and open up in a new pop up instead of the same window. The plug-in manager of Firefox is lot better and shows currently installed extensions, their rating and where to find more of them and so on the same window. Out of the rating of Internet browsers Firefox scores 9.4 out of 10.


1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Now who in this world would not be aware of Google Chrome. If we take out the list of most downloaded Internet browsers in last 12 months than no doubt one name strikes the highest number of figures and that is Google Chrome. Google Chrome is basically a Internet browser introduced by google and has many features which makes it dominant like it’s easy to use, maximum security level, speed and compatibility is beyond imagination and the best part is that whenever you need any help or support the goggle team has explained all of it in its forums and along with that many free lancers have created various plug ins and extensions to solve out the issue which might occur while operating it. From the last couple of years it has been noticed that Google Chrome is the first choice of Internet browsers which any one would like to have in his/her computer or laptop or any other Internet related gadgets which they might be using to check the things online. The rating which Google Chrome scored out of 10 is 9.9 and to be honest its one of the best Internet browsers of the world.




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