Top 10 Best Katy Perry Songs

Top 10 Most Popular Katy Perry SongsWhenever we hear the name Katy Perry, what comes to mind is a very beautiful face with unique voice. She is one of the most popular artists of the new generation and hit songs of Katy Perry are being played all around the world. She has enjoyed success with singles like I kissed a girl and ET. Apart from being one of the most popular female singer in the music scene of USA, Katy Perry songs are also famous world with people of all ages and especially with teenagers. Her beauty has ensured her a huge fan following but she constantly experiments with her looks and often appears in  strange outfits in her most popular song videos just like Lady Gaga does(though Lady Gaga is not as beautiful as her!). Katy Perry’s stage performances have always been popular and people love to watch and hear Katy Perry songs live. Katy Perry already has 5 songs which have become number one hits out of her two already released albums. Enjoy her Top 10 most popular songs and videos!


Top 10 Most Popular Katy Perry Videos



10. Firework (Live on Letterman)

9. Not Like the Movies

8. California Gurls ft. Snoop

7. Hot N Cold with Elmo on Sesame Street!

6. I Kissed A Girl

5. Teenage Dream (Director’s Cut)

4. The One That Got Away

3. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

2. E.T. ft. Kanye West

1. Firework

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