Top 10 Largest bugs-insects

top-10-largest-bugs-insectsBugs and insects are part of our daily life nowadays and some people are so much frightened by bugs and insects that they start screaming and running around which, sometimes, makes a very funny situation and if the video is captured at that time then no doubt that video can get couple of 100 thousand views on any social media site. According to scientists and many named researchers, there are more than quintillion insects and bugs species living and extinct since this world started. That’s a quite huge number to imagine the types of bugs and insects like the Giant Weta. The following list is not made on the base of the poison, venom or biting ratio but the list is basically related to those bugs and insects which are massively huge in size as compared to other bugs and insects. The factors which are counted down in making a list of these 10 biggest bugs and insects are their weight, size and their overall body structure. Some spiders are also added in the list, like the Camel Spider, based on their size not only because they are huge but also because of their popularity all over the world.





10. Pink-Toed Tarantula

Pink-Toed Tarantula

Pink-Toed Tarantula is also known as tree spider or Martinique Red tree spider and is mostly found in South America. The name of this spider clearly reflects its personality because the toes of this spider are pink and the body color is dark which makes it even more eye catching and attractive.If you ever get a chance to touch it or hold it in your hand then you will feel the soft and fluffy skin and would love to move your finders on the skin of Pink-Toed Tarantula. As far as the size of Pink-Toed Tarantula is concerned it can reach up to 12 cm in length and 6 to 7 cm in body width. Most of the people love to keep it as a pet, unlike its relative; the Camel Spider!


9. Giant Dragonfly

Giant Dragonfly

Giant Dragonfly is one of the most endangered bug species nowadays. Giant Dragonfly is basically a Australian native bug and found in different countries of the world since the Jurassic period (since the dinosaurs days).the thing which makes Giant Dragonfly count in this list is its body structure of almost 5inches of wing-span which totals the width of almost 12 inches. Another thing which counts a lot of Giant Dragonfly is its large thick body which sometimes reaches or exceeds to 2 cm or even a bit more than that. The overall length of Giant Dragonfly is between 10 to 12 cm and that makes this bug quite heavy. In some cases Giant Dragonfly is much heavier than a small common bird.


8. Wandering Spider

Wandering Spider

Wandering Spider is one of the most Venomous spiders present on our planet right now. The name is quite interesting and it was given to this insect on the basis of its daily life because Wandering Spiders can be found wandering on the jungle floor at night while resting in the day. Wandering Spider is also known as the armed spider. Wandering Spider has a very aggressive nature and mostly found in South and Central America. The structure of this huge insect can be imagined by the fact that the Wandering Spider can grow up to 13 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm in length. Along with that Wandering Spider are considered in some of the biggest insects present in the world right now.


7. Giant Weta

Giant Weta

Giant Weta is one more endangered species of insects which are very less left in the world. Giant Weta is a native of New Zeeland. Currently Giant Weta is the largest grasshoppers species found in the world. But compared to grasshoppers, the Giant Weta bug is quite heavy and cannot jump because of its weight. The heaviest Giant Weta bug found so far is of 72 grams. The thing which makes this huge bug count in our list is its length which can reach up to 15 cm from head to toes. In total there are 11 species of Giant Weta. They are also counted in the list of heaviest insects of the world. Giant Weta are basically vegetarians.


6. Giant Rhinoceros Beetle

Giant Rhinoceros Beetle

Giant Rhinoceros Beetle is one of the strongest insect of the world and is mostly found in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. In most of the Asian countries people love to keep Giant Rhinoceros Beetle as a pet and sometimes people just keep it with an interest of insect fighting. One of the most astonishing and amazing thing about Giant Rhinoceros Beetle is this that it is capable enough to  support 850 times of its own weight. In simple words one Giant Rhinoceros Beetle can lift and carry 850 beetles like itself if it had to but the situation seems quite impossible. Giant Rhinoceros Beetle can reach up to 11 cm in length and 4 cm in width.


5. Goliath Beetle

Goliath Beetle

Goliath Beetle are counted in the list of the largest insects of the world and more over Goliath Beetle have couple of more titles as well like the world most thickest, heaviest, strongest and bulkiest insect as well. Goliath Beetle is mostly found in thick forests of Africa. One common thing between Goliath Beetle and Giant Rhinoceros Beetle is that they both are capable of lifting or supporting 850 times of its own weight. One of the most interesting things of Goliath Beetle is this that it can reach up to the weight of 105 grams. As far as the body structure is concerned then Goliath Beetle can reach up to the width of 5 cm and the length can reach up to 11 cm.


4. Camel Spider

Camel Spider

Camel Spider is one of the most fast moving spider species present in the world. Camel Spider is a very aggressive natured insect and has powerful jaws which can make a powerful bite. The most interesting thing about it is that Camel Spiders are very speedy as compared to other spider species and it can reach the speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour which is quite a fast speed. Because of this fast moving speed, Camel Spiders are also called wind spiders. As far as the size and structure of this fast moving spider is concerned, it reaches the length of 20 cm in length. Why they are called Camel Spiders is because like camels, they are mostly found in sandy deserts.


3. Giant African Black Millipede

Giant African Black Millipede

Giant African Black Millipede holds the third position in our ranking list. Giant African Black Millipedes are preferred as pets and mostly kept by people who love to keep different types of bugs and insects as pets. African Black Millipede is not dangerous and is considered among some of the largest insects of the world on the basis of their huge size as compared to other insects and bugs. Normally the African Black Millipede can become thicker then a thumb and sometimes even more than that and more over their length can reach up to 30 or 32 cm as well.

2. Giant Centipede

Giant Centipede

Giant Centipede is one of the most aggressive natured insects present in this list. Giant Centipede has 42 legs, 2 sharp pincers and paralyzing venom toxic enough to kill mice frogs and even tarantulas. The legs prick like needles and the bite of this dangerous looking insect is extremely painful. Giant Centipede has a muscular strength like a small snake. As far as the size of this dangerous insect is concerned Giant Centipede has an average normal length of 20 cm but it can reach up to 32 cm as well. Giant Centipede scores the third position in our list of biggest insects and bugs.


1. Atlas Moth

Atlas Moth

Atlas Moth is the largest moth in the world and scores the first position in our list. Atlas Moth also has the title of being the largest butterfly of the world and is mostly found in the jungles of Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. One of the most interesting this about this huge bug is this that if its hanging on a tree then the viewer watching at it gets a first sight impression like a fruit or any snake is hanging on a tree because of the different body coloring. The average wingspan size varies between 25 to 30 cm. But it can exceed to 32 cm as well for a fully adult male Atlas Moth.



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