Top 10 Largest countries

World GlobeTop 10 Largest countries of the world are listed on the basis of their total area in this post along with some crispy things. The total area of our planet earth is round about 510 million square kilometers. Now if we do the analysis with the total size of land then it would be something near about 148.94 million square kilometers while the total area of the top 10 largest countries is 72.5 million square kilometers and rest of the countries has 76.44 million square kilometers. There are many countries in the world with different size and shapes according to world map. Some are popular for their beauty while some are popular because of their population and some due to their total occupied area. In total there are 196 countries which cover the whole planet earth. These countries have different area and size.  Here are the Top 10 largest countries of the world according to their area on the world map.





10.  Algeria

Algeria Map

Algeria is 10thlargest country according to the world map and has the total area of 2.4 million square kilometers. When talk about Algeria it is almost impossible to mention the beautiful beaches, mountains, music, natural beauty and outstanding food. With an estimated population of almost 37 million Algeria is becoming the next revolution. Along with that a lot of Land area of this country is covered with deserts and sometimes it’s very hot in temperature as well. Tourists from all over the globe sometimes just visit Algeria to discover something unique in deserts of Algeria to create their name in any aspect.


9. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Map

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country of the world having the area of almost 2.7 million square kilometers. Kazakhstan is a country which highly represents its cultural, religious, custom and traditional values. If we look Kazakhstan from a natural beauty point of view then no doubt it has many natural beautiful locations which capture the attention of tourists all over the globe. The people of Kazakhstanare well known because of their hospitality and friendly nature which reflects their culture.


8. Argentina

Argentina Map

Argentina has the 8th rank according to the world map and it size is 2.7 million square kilometers. It is the 2nd largest country of South America with 41.029 million people living in it. After hearing the name of Argentina the very first thing which comes in our mind is football and a legendary football player Maradona. If we look on the basis of land then Argentina is the 2nd largest country in the North America region and along with that it is the largest country of the world in the Spanish language nations. One interesting thing to mention is that Argentinahas above 1,370 airports.


7. India

India Map

India stands on the 7th position in the world ranking of largest countries and has the total area of3.0 million square kilometers. India is the second most populous country of the world with almost 1,189,172,906 and it has a lot of democracy in it. India has the 11th largest economy in the world and is among the fastest growing countries. India has 28 states, 7 union territories and is considered as the home of diversities with bundle of resources. The massive rise of Bollywood is also making the name of Indiaglowing like sun all over the world.


6. Australia

Australia Map

Australia is also among the largest countries of the world having the area of 7.6 million square kilometers.  After hearing the name of Australia 2 things strike the mind, the first one is the kangaroo and the 2nd one is their achievements in different type of sports especially cricket. Australia has the total population of 22.3 million and the common language used in it is English. Australiahas world 13th largest economy and it is one of the developed countries. One interesting thing to mention is that Australia has some of the most dangerous animals all over the globe.  Australian people give more attention to education and have the literacy rate of 99%.


5. Brazil

Brazil Map

Brazil is the 5th largest country according to world map as its area is almost 8.5 million square kilometers. Of course who ever hears the name of Brazil the very first thing to strike the mind is football. Brazil is one of the most popular countries all over the globe because of its legendary football players and football Word Cup winning titles. Brazil has the total population of 190 million people which make it the 5th most populous country too. Large numbers of natural resources are found in Braziland it is considered as the home of diversities as bundle of recourses of all types are found here.


4. US (United States)

United States Map

United States is the 4th largest country of the world according to their area. United States is commonly known as US or USA (United States of America) and its area is almost 9.2 million square kilometers. It has 50 states with about 308 million people living in it. United States is among those countries of the world which are having superpower. It is the first country in the world which was having nuclear weapons. One astonishing thing which will make your eyes wide open is that United States has the maximum number of airports all over the globe and the quantity is above 14,700.


3. China

China Map

China is the 3rd largest country of the world with a total area of 9.3 million square kilometers. It is the most populous country all over the globe with almost 1.3 billion people living in 22 provinces of China. It is the located in East Asia. China is growing day by day in each and every aspect of this world with maximum number of productions of normal to high level things. Chinais among the super powered countries of the world and has the largest standing army with authorized nuclear weapons. It share it borders with more than 14 countries even with the Russia.


2. Canada

Canada Map

Canada is the 2nd largest country of the world has the total area of 10.0 million square kilometers. Moreover it is the largest country in Western Hemisphere. Canada has ten provinces and three territories. When it comes to natural resources then no doubt Canada is among the leading countries. It has two official languages which are English and French. It was said to be the head of state for Queen Elizabeth II. The standard of living in Canada is very high. One interesting thing aboutCanadais that it has almost more than 1,420 airports.


1. Russia

Russia Map

Russia is largest country of the world according to its area and size. As its area is almost 17.1 million square kilometers and it covers almost one-eight part of the world. Russia is spread all over the northern Asia and 40% of the Europe and It has largest reserves of minerals and energy. Russia is having high population level but if we compare it with the area of its land then it might be astonishing that on the basis of its land the population level is quite low. One of the most interesting things about Russia is that it has the largest army force. One good thing which gives foreigner students an attraction is that education is totally free in Russia.


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