Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock Singers

Male Hard Rock singersBest Male Hard Rock singers are all about high energy, a wide range of vocals and a voice which will captivate and enthrall you. With that out of the way, there will be not many a male hard rock singers left to sift through. Hard rock is a very influential music genre and most of its listeners have strong opinions about their favorite bands and singers. I am sure that a lot of outcry and protest will come out against this Best Male Hard Rock singers post from our readers in the comments section. The same thing happened to me a few months ago when my most dangerous dogs list got blasted so bad I wanted to hide somewhere! Anyways, these are the undisputed kings of the hard rock legion and no other voice can come even close to them! Your favorite singers may be at the position you may like but do let me know if the list should be remade and exactly how. Rock On with the Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock singers list!




10. Eric Adams

Eric Adams Manowar

Not as popular in the US as in other countries, Eric Adams is nothing short of the Norse king of hard rock and heavy metal! Being the voice of the commercially successful heavy metal band Manowar, Eric Adams has just the perfect voice for singing metal songs about dragons and warriors! With 13 albums and numerous other projects to his credit, Eric Adams has shown the world how the Best Male Hard Rock Singers sound like! Only the Best Male Hard Rock Singers become legendary and Eric Adams maintains that his inspirations come from the great Ian Gillan of Deep Purple.


9. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Aerosmith

Steven Tyler has been at the front of the hard rock scene for almost 40 years now which in itself is a very great achievement! Although he has worked on several solo projects, he will always be remembered by his Aerosmith connection. Steven Tyler ranks 9th in the Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock Singers of all times. He has a very distinct style of singing and screaming is one of his signature styles (usually near the encore of the song). With an amazing display of control and vocal which range from soft whispers to maniac screaming, Steven Tyler has created a niche of his own.


8. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath

With his signature round sunglasses back on his face and Black Sabbath recently reunited, all is going well for the 63 year old Ozzy Osbourne. The Prince of Darkness just keeps on getting better and better with age. His latest album Scream was released in 2010 and was met with great response from fans all over the world. Ozzy Osbourne is no doubt one of the Best Male Hard Rock Singers for the last three decades and dozens of number one hits backup this claim. The way he can sound very creepy and make you feel uncanny is just one of his many special talents!


7. Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson ACDC

It was only after Bon Scott of AC/DC died that the world came to know about Brian Johnson. His high pitched and crisp voice brought out a new era of hard rock as millions were attracted to the odd yet attractive voice of AC/DC’s new front man Brian Johnson. Tipped to be one of the Best Male Hard Rock Singers long before he reached his peak, Brian has constantly amazed fans as well as critics with his vocal abilities. You only have to listen to hell’s bells or back in black once to know why Brian Johnson is called one of the Best Male Hard Rock Singers!


6. Axl rose

Axl rose Guns N Roses

With the most expensive rock album ever made record to their name, Guns ‘N Roses front man Axl Rose has had a very strange career. There is simply no doubt that he has one of the most unique hard rock voices around. Axl Rose is as good at singing hard rock songs as he is at singing ballads. He can raise his voice to stunning ranges as sing sweetly and softly in the same breath! Axl Rose is also quite popular with the girls and his trademark leather pants (and shorts) really drive the crowd wild! He ranks 6th in the Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock Singers list.


5. Robert Plant

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin

Being one of the biggest inspirations to more than half the names in this Best Male Hard Rock singers list, Robert Plant has a talent and aptitude of turning everything he touches to gold! Churning out mind blowing vocals for over four decades with bands like Led Zeppelin has ensured his place forever among the Best Male Hard Rock singers of all times. Robert Plant is still active nowdays and released an album a few years ago which got him a Grammy! Robert Plant and his Led Zeppelin are also credited (though unofficially) to be the pioneers of heavy metal.


4. Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan Deep Purple

Anybody even remotely aware of hard rock would accept the fact that Ian Gillan has been quite a figure in the shaping of this music genre. Ian Gillan is famous for his works with great hard rock bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Though still going strong, he saw his peak with the Deep Purple alongside the guitar genius Ritchie Blackmore.  Child in Time may be presented as the showcase of his strong vocals and wide range of singing. Ian Gillan can be safely said to be one of the Best Male Hard Rock singers of his time.


3. Rob Halford

Rob Halford Judas Priest

With the recent comeback of Judas Priest, the fame of Rob Halford has grown to an even bigger proportion! Now a bald and much older man, Rob Halford was not like this at his prime. Full of energy and an epic wailing voice, Rob Halford was the face of hard rock for many a years. Judas Priest recently released the Nostradamus album and is touring the world. Catch this legend live while you have to chance! Huge hits from Judas Priest ensured them a permanent place in rock music history. Rob Halford ranks 3rd in the Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock singers list.


2. Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden

Though he is more mixed in aviation circles than in the hard rock scene, Bruce Dickinson is one of the Best Male Hard Rock singers of all times and there is no dispute to the fact whatsoever. With almost 80 million sales over the years, the epic high pitched voice of Bruce Dickinson has ruled the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. His contributions to hard rock with the Iron Maiden are irrefutable and overwhelming. Try giving some of their epic songs a hearing (if you don’t already know all of them by heart!) and you’ll know what everyone is talking about!


1. Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio is the greatest rock singers of all times and his passing away in 2010 was a great loss to the world of music. Ronnie James Dio had such an amazing range of vocals and highs that it was almost unbelievable! The “devil horns” he invented will forever be a part of the hard rock legacy. He literally took hard rock music head on and made it his own; leaving an everlasting impression on this type of music and inspiring millions to come! Ronnie James Dio ranks at the top in the Top 10 Best Male Hard Rock singers list.




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