Top 10 Best Mashups

Top 10 Best MashupsMashups fall in a very unique genre and are totally different from remakes, remixes and medleys. Mashups are those songs which in which two or more songs (not necessarily the same language) have been blended or “mashed up” together as a single song. It is quite amazing to find that songs which do not sound anything like another can be successfully made into Mashups and still sound brilliant. It has something to do with the chords and the key of the song but that’s too technical for us. The best Mashups songs range from mixing rap songs and symphony to rock songs with Bollywood songs! The following list is of the Top 10 Best Mashups which will get you hooked up to this genre for good! The best part is that with a little practice, you can create your own Mashup songs! Do send in your best Mashupsand we’ll be more than happy to share them with our readers!




10. A Stroke of Genie

The Strokes songs have been freely included in Mashups but A Stroke of Genie is something special. It has been mixed with Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a bottle. A Stroke of Genie sounds better than the original ones and has been mixed beautifully. You will wish that it was how the original one had come out as soon as you hear it. A Stroke of Genie ranks 10th in the Top 10 Best Mashups list.



9. United State of Pop

A brilliant and totally out of this world number which Mashups of more 20 hit songs off the Billboard. United States of Pop was made by DJ Earworm who has a repute of bring out the best Mashups. Although these Mashups are a bit old but you’ll never get tired of listening and dancing to this song. United States of Pop will make a permanent place for itself in your playlist for a very long time.


8. Dance Again Till the World Ends

Dance Again Till the World Ends features Mashups of hit songs by stars like Britney Spears, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. With the distinct voice of Mr. 305 backing up miss spears throaty sounds, Dance Again Till the World Ends is a must have party number which is sure to rock the clubs all around the world. It ranks 8th in the Top 10 Best Mashups list.


7. The Theory

Mashups are usually named after the songs they feature. The theory is an oddly named song but is one of the best Mashups which features the best songs from legends like Madonna and Nancy Sinatra. Who is their right minds would mix Sinatra with Madonna? Well looks like someone took the chance in The Theory and it has worked wonders!


6. Maiden Goes To Bollywood

Iron Maiden has its taste of Hindi Songs as Number of the Beast is mixed with Crazy; a Bollywood Song from the Dhoom 2 movie. The result is somewhat confusing at first but just give a listen to the song till you get the hang of it and you’ll fall in love with it! Wax Audio has made this song and has tons of other fascinating Mashups.


5. Breath and Stop

The late king of pop Michael Jackson is present in every niche and genre thanks to remixes and Mashups. Breath and Stop features Q tip with Michael Jackson and is more of a tribute than a song. Breathe and Stop is a sort of easy listening song which will make you love the Mashups genre even more!


4. Super Bowl Anthem

Super Bowl Anthem by DJ Schmolli presents the Mashups of the best Super Bowl halftime songs form this year and the past. Super Bowl Anthem is so good that it should be made the official Anthem for all the sports! DJ Schmolli is really good at what he does and gets better with every release. It is ranked 4th in the Top 10 Best Mashups list.


3. Mashup Germany

Mashups are popular all around the world and Europe is no exception. Mashup Germany with one of those Mashups which will be popular forever! With hits from superstars Rihanna, Britney and Adele, Mashup Germany will grow on you and each listening will make it even better. There are a lot of things you miss in the first hearing as is the case with Mashups.


2. Hung Up on Jason

Hung up on Jason was made after Madonna’s song Hung up got a new life when it has compared to Lady Gaga’s Born this way came out. So it was no surprise that it became a inspiration for many a Mashups. Hung up on Jason features Madonna with Jason Derulo. The combination being a most unlikely one guarantees you a fresh and unique experience.


1. Careless Rebel

Careless Rebel is mind blowing Mashups of Rebel Yell by Billy Idol and Careless Whispers by George Michael. Mashups like these have popularized this genre and should be made more often. This song sounds so perfect that it sound better than the original! Careless Rebel ranks 1st in the Top 10 Best Mashups list.




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