Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes

Top 10 perfumes for menImagine heads turning as soon as you enter a room or hall. Everyone present notices the cologne or perfume you are wearing and you make a definite statement about your presence and personality without even saying a word. Such is the force and impact of fragrance to the human sensory system. People often associate various smells with different things and events. Have you ever felt hungry after getting a whiff of freshly baked pizza? Be it be spicy or sweet, each perfume has a special blend of oils and chemicals which then becomes the characteristic smell for that particular brand. It is always difficult to find the perfect cologne which truly describes who you are. Men all over the world show their class and style by the way they smell at a particular time or occasion.Some perfumes are better worn in the winter time than summer. Another interesting fact is that any cologne has a different aroma for each person due to varying body odor. Following is the list of top 10 perfumes and colognes for men all over the world.





10. Burberry for Men by Burberry

Burberry for Men by Burberry  
Radiating a confident and masculine style, this brand has been crowd favorite since 1981.The perfume’s formula has been changed several times before choosing the current fragrance in 1995.The current version of Burberry for Men has lavender, mint, moss, cedar and amber along with other ingredients. The loud opening lavender note is supported by thyme and mint leaving the user refreshed. Although the initial reaction to this is mixed, as the mid and base notes blend and take charge, the fragrance becomes sweet and intoxicating. These perfumes change dramatically and should not be judged until they are worn for a couple of hours. The design of Burberry perfumes is unique as it contains checkered cloth on its bottle. Recently, Burberry for Menis also being produced in new variations like Touch (2000), Brit (2004) and London (2006) for men.


9. The One D&G

The One D&G  
Stefano Gabbana wanted to create a “classic men’s fragrance that would last for years” and would drive women crazy. In March 2008, The One D&G was launched. It has bergamot, ginger, cedar and tobacco as base along with other noticeable constituents. Described as seductive and charismatic, it portrays a sophisticated man who is used to being noticed. Grapefruit makes its presence felt in the radiant opening notes and gradually gives way to cardamom and ginger ending in tobacco and cedar notes as base which usually lasts the day. A slight tone of orchids intermingles with spicy and manly notes to present indeed a very suave and rich combination. This elegant masterpiece by The One D&G feels great on skin and has a spicy sweet accord. The one subdues in a Smokey way and is the best personification of the classic as well as the modern man!


8. M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent  
With a lot of dark and Smokey scents out there each claiming to be the perfect manly smell, M7 by Yves Saint Laurent stands out as the best as it is enticing and amusing. It is heavy and rich, depicting a masculine and rugged man. The exotic opening does carry a raspberry/cherry tone, but it quickly develops into a very deep and rich scent of amber which is of just the right intensity and not dominant. Sandalwood and oud then take control of your senses and take you on a joyride. Agar wood and Vetiver add to the already elegant and warm tone of M7. It is like wearing expensive clothes which command respect and increases your confidence and sensuality. The perfect aromatic prominence then turns smooth and soft and is very appealing, especially to the ladies. Since it was so heavy, YSL released a lighter version called M7 Fresh in 2004.Although it can’t be worn every day, M7 by Yves Saint Laurentis the perfect cologne for any occasion or a special dinner.


7. CK Eternity

CK Eternity for men  
Ready to celebrate its 22nd birthday, CK eternity is one of those perfumes which will stay popular forever as the name suggests. Although its formulation is relatively simple, its varying aromas work on different levels producing a distinct effect of freshness and elegance. Being one of the favorite perfumes for men the world over for more than two decades; it truly has set standards for the modern colognes and perfumes. Citrus, herbs and flowers are craftily blended to revive the spirit of youthful and care free days. Lavender, Jasmine and amber create a joyful summer experience. It is not as strong as other scents and may get mixed up in a club or party so it is more suitable for formal occasions. Vetiver, Rosewood and sandalwood form the base ensuring day long pleasure for both the user and the ones nearby. Symbolizing romance and luxury, CK eternity is sure to stick around “as long as there is intimacy”, as Calvin Klein says so himself.


6. Unforgivable by Sean John

Unforgivable by Sean John  
Sean John aka Puff Daddy came up with the cologne “Unforgivable” in 2005 stating a life without excitement is unforgivable. Aimed mainly at the younger generation, it features notes of Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Juniper; this is evident in the classic opening style of sharp sparking citrus notes of this perfume. A herbal aromatic line up follows as the mid notes which also introduces Champagne and Mediterranean air accord giving a very natural and breezy feeling to it, Finally, Rum and Sandalwood act up and form a base which is sure to last the day. Although most men would not like to smell like Rum 11 ‘o clock in the morning, Unforgivable by Sean John can be worn to any occasion as it is a definite statement maker fit for formal as well as casual meetings. A limited edition “couture version” of Unforgivable by Sean Johnwas launched last year. The glass bottle comes in a unique plastic semi box giving the perfume a very distinct look.


5. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche  
This nostalgic yet overpowering brand of perfume makes sure people know your coming from two blocks away. Spray this only once and your room is bound to be smelling of Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir for the rest of the day, let alone your clothes and, sometimes, close friends. Launched in 1982, it was everywhere and still is considered to be a symbol of strength and emotion. The explosive mixture of its trademark Lavender (which stays throughout the transition till the base notes) with orange, lemon and warm spicy herbs give way to a strong woody base. It has proudly stood the test of time and still is easily one of the most recognizable scents in the world. One common mistake with Drakkar Noiris its overuse. Its silage and projection was later toned down but the original cologne formulation is still available as Classic Match version. It is now being produced by L’oreal under trademark of Guy Laroche.


4. Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff  
For more than 20 years, Cool Water has inspired the masculine calm and cool which is refreshing and unmistakable. Be it solo or in combination with cologne, this spicy amber and lavender fragrance is recommended to everyone. With just the right amount of Lavender, Mint and Musk, this perfume is said to be the pioneer of the aquatic genre. Hints of naroli are found in the middle notes with loads of ginger. Tobacco lends its sweetness to the final notes as the fresh and cool scent settles down to a sweeter and musky tone. The experience is similar to taking a walk through a pine forest on a rainy day or just getting out of a shower feeling totally refreshed. Each year, Davidoff comes out with a summer version of Cool Waterand continues it till the next year according to public response.


3. Bois du Portugal by Creed

Bois du Portugal by Creed  
Ever wondered what Paul Newman or Frank Sinatra smelled like? Well you’ll be surprised to know that both these true icons of masculinity preferred Bois Du Portugal as their primary scent. Coming third on the top ten mens perfumes list, Creed has successfully produced the perfect aroma which charms and puzzles at the same time. The name means “forest of Portugal” and the exploding notes of bergamot gradually make way for Lavendar before the warm tones of woody Cedar and creamy sandalwood show their true colors completing the luxurious sensory experience. This rich and mysterious cologne can surely transform any man into one with personality and power! Ambergris and Vetiver make their presence felt and contribute to the longevity as well as the silage of this particular cologne. Bois du Portugalis loved by many a men and women alike for its soothing and tranquilizing effect.


2. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani  
Imagine walking on a beach on a sunny day when suddenly on an impulse, you run and jump in the cool water. The sea breeze stroke your face and back while the water cools you off. That was the vision with which Acqua Di Gio was created in 1996 and it can be safely said that it accomplishes this task with easy. Many brands have tried to come up with similar colognes and have failed time and again. The blast of fresh fruity citrus and accompanying musky Rock Rose takes us on a joyful thrill. Marine notes express the traits of masculinity with re-energizing Jasmine, Rosemary and Patchouli. Rare herbs are hinted at in all notes. Giorgio Armani offers its products as Parfum, Eau De parfum, Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne.


1. John Varvatos

John Varvatos  
John Varvatos
started his carrier as a designer in 1983 with Ralph Lauren. Afterwards he switched over to Calvin Klein and oversaw the successful CK launch. However, he returned to RL and launched the hugely popular Polo brand. Finally, he left all the powerhouses to launch his own label and the rest is history. John Varvatos perfumes for men debuted recently in 2004 and has since been then the male signature perfume and a must have for every man. JV claimed it to be an exhausting experience for the “sixth sense” with its oriental incense hinting at romance and sophistication at the same time. Top notes include Tamarind, Medjool and date fruit which smoothly make way for Corrainder and Ajowan. This unique blend of aromatic herbs creates a spicy and rich experience. Black leather, Eaglewood and vanilla accord form the unmistakable masculine yet sensuous and calming effect which is impossible to miss. This particular lineup from John Varvatos ends up first in the top ten mens perfumes list and comes in Vintage and Signature series.



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