Top 10 most dangerous cobra snakes

Cobra SnakesCobra Snakes are one of the most feared animals on our planet. Almost all Cobra snakes of the world are very dangerous because of their venom and fierce behavior. The following Top 10 Most Dangerous Cobra snakes list tells you exactly why. Size, weight, venom, casualties and the number of sightings of these Cobra Snakes are the factors which have been kept in mind. Hindus hold the Cobra Snakes in high esteem and consider these snakes to be a gift from their gods. However, even in India, a human’s life is more important than the Cobra Snakes! Cobra Snakes have many types and we have summarized the list of most dangerous Cobra snakes of the world. So enjoy the list and don’t forget to comment at the end of the list.

Keeping Venomous snakes is a very deadly hobby that requires proper training and lots of experience. One single mistake can be the difference between life and death. The most venomous snake in the world is most probably the one that bites you!



10. Cape Cobra Snakes

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra snakes are almost one and a half meter long and considered to be one of the most dangerous venomous snakes of Africa. It is only found in the south west region of Africa but this includes the heavily populated country of South Africa and human encounters all too common. Every year in South Africa, it kills more people than any other snake. Its skin color enables him to disappear easily in the landscape. When cornered, it raises the front of its body high and spreads its trade mark hood in a display of intimidation, and then it strikes! The venom immediately attacks the central nervous system. It paralyses the muscles and triggers respiratory failure. Just one bite of Cape Cobra snakes can kill up to 6 people. One of the worst things about the Cape Cobra snakes is that one bite is never enough for it. It strikes as may times it can until the victim it either dead or has managed to get away!


9. Central Asian Cobra snakes

Central Asian Cobra

Central Asian Cobra is also known as Caspian or Oxus Cobra and is considered to be one of the most dangerous species in terms of its venom. The Central Asian can reach up to 1.8 or sometimes 1.9 meters in length and mostly found in Pakistan and Northern India. Although never found in complete black color, these snakes have a characteristic golden brown band like marking all over their bodies. This is one of the rarest species of Cobra snakes and it has great surviving ability due to which it can live easily in a high heat temperature of 40 degree plus Celsius to – 40 degree Celsius as well! The venom glands of these poisonous animals are large and the venom is very toxic. One bite from Central Asian Cobra snakes requires serious medical attention because it can lead to death if proper first aid is not given within the first 8 minutes!


8. Black Necked Spitting Cobra Snakes

Black Necked Spitting Cobra

Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes are counted as one of the most surprisingly dangerous snakes because their basic way of attacking is quite different as compared to other snakes. Apart from injecting venom by biting likes other ones, the Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes have the ability to through their poisonous venom as far as 3 meters from their standing position. If the venom somehow hits the eyes of the victim than the eye sight will be lost completely for the lifetime. These most dangerous snakes are also known as Naja nigricollis and are mostly found in Sub Saharan Africa. As compared to other Cobra snakes, Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes have quite big Venom glands and the color of the skin varies depending on the region of origin but mostly found in black or pale grey with yellow or reddish sides.


7. Monocled Cobra Snakes

Monocled Cobra

Monocled Cobra snakes are widely spread all over the Central and southern Asia. The toxic level of its venom is very high. A single bite of this venomous snake can lead you to your death in a very short time. The length of fully grown adults can exceed 2 meters! Although these are most dangerous kinds of cobra snakes, they are mostly found on those places where rats, frogs or other small and medium sized rodents live because they are basically their main source of food. Along with these animals, birds and lizards are also counted in the food list of this dangerous snakes. Like other snakes, the defense system of the Monocled Cobra snakes is quite same; by lifting the head high from the ground. The unique thing from others is that the hood flares quite wide as compared to its body.


6. Mozambique Spitting Cobra Snakes

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra snakes spit out their venom at their foes before they bite. That’s right, just like Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes, these snakes also have the ability to spit their venom quite long enough to warm their attackers to stay away from them otherwise they will be responsible for the consequences which would surely occur. Mozambique Spitting Cobra snakes not only use venom to kill it’s pray but they also find ways of using it to deter their enemies without even biting them. The color of the Mozambique Spitting Cobra is variable but mostly found in Olive grey, Olive or Brown at the top and some or all lower scales are black. A fully grown adult can grow up to 3 feet or sometimes a couple of inches more than that! The venom is extremely dangerous in both cases of spitting and biting. If unluckily the venom strikes the eyes, it can make the victim blind instantly and permanently.


5. Egyptian Cobra Snakes

Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra snakes are relatively common and are of profound religious significance. The Egyptian Cobra delivers a venomous bite which targets the nervous system, effectively shutting down the nerves impulses and causing muscle paralysis and ultimately respiratory failure. As the name represents, Egyptian Cobra snakes are mostly found in the deserts of Egypt. This is one of those Cobra Snakes which Kings used to keep for the sake of Pride and entertainment to kill their spare time. Egyptian Cobra is one of the most famous snakes all over the world. According to many professional Snake charmers and hunters, this is the snake which represents all the pharaohs of Egypt. Egyptian Cobra is mostly found in Africa and Arabian Peninsula and is considered to be one of the biggest Naja species in Africa. A fully grown Adult can exceed the length of 2 meters and sometimes it’s been noticed that Egyptian Cobra snakes can reach up to 3 meters in length but that’s very rare.


4. Forest Cobra Snakes

Forest Cobra

Forest Cobra snakes are also called as the Black or White lipped Cobra. Forest Cobra snakes are deadly snakes and are extremely dangerous. They are mostly found in the jungles and forests of Africa. It is considered to be the largest Cobra species found in Africa and along with being Large, it’s also one of the most venomous Cobra snakes species all over the world. A fully grown adult can reach up to 2.5 meters and sometimes can exceed the 3 meters mark. The thing which makes it clear to differentiate its species is its skin. Mostly, it is found in a combination of colors with 3 main color morphs. If found between Sierra Leone (east to western Kenya), it would have a glossy black body and chin with white or cream color bottom with broad black cross-bars and blotches. If found in west of African Savanna, the color morph would be banded black and yellow body with brownish yellow head top. The bottom would be yellow. The 3rd color morph is found between east Africa to Central Democratic Republic of Congo and in this color morph, the color combination is blackish brown o the top and the belly is yellow or cream color. Forest Cobra snakes are very aggressive in nature and would not hesitate to bite if it comes in direct contact with any moving animal.


3. Ring Necked Spitting Cobra Snakes

Ring Necked Spitting Cobra

Ring Necked Spitting Cobra snakes are also known as Rinkhals and currently this species of Cobra snakes is considered to be the most dangerous spitting snakes in Africa. Along with being counted in the list of the most dangerous spitting Cobra snakes, Ring Necked Spitting Cobra is also a very good actor and can pretend to be dead so that its hunt should come to it itself! Most of the times, people come across this species of Cobra snakes thinking its dead and get bitten by it. It’s a very clever snake and you should be extra conscious while facing the Rinkhals. There are only a few snakes in the world who can play possum but the Rinkhals do it the best. When its aggressive, it won’t stop attacking or chasing the enemy unless its 100 % sure its dead or it won’t return. Ring Necked Spitting Cobra snakes can reach up to the length of 110 cm and are mostly found in black color.


2. Indian Cobra Snakes

Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra snakes are also called as spectacled cobra and it is one of the most feared animal in Indian subcontinent. Mostly they rely on rodents for the purpose of their food and normally are found in jungles but for the search of their food they often come in contact with the humans. Indian Cobra snakes are mostly found in their little bamboo patch near or far away from civilizations. Most of the times, it has been noticed that Indian Cobras are not much aggressive as compared to other Cobra snakes present on the list. At first if the human ever get in direct contact with this venomous snake face to face the first try of India Cobra would be to move away instead of attacking unless it gets a fear of getting attacked on itself, than it tries to defend itself in terms of biting and injecting that venomous poison in to its victim. A complete adult Indian Cobra can reach up to 2 meters. One of the biggest reasons which made Indian Cobra snakes to be listed on our list is because every year more than 10,000 people die in India because of the bite from snakes and most of them are because of Indian Cobra.


1. King Cobra Snakes

King Cobra snakes

Apart from its name, in reality it’s also considered the king of all Cobra snakes present in the world, this is also one of the reasons it’s called King Cobra. The largest cobra snake of the world is King Cobra which can grow up to more than 18 feet and because of this length, they are also known as giant snakes. Though most of the longest snakes can be found in most parts of the world, these are the longest Venomous snakes! King Cobra has the ability to lift up one third of its body while angry or attacking and has the ability to move forward in this intimidating pose. Just imagine the terror of a snake which can stand face to face with a human! Some might be feeling little frightening after just imagining it so think about those who have become the victim of this deadly and venomous snake. It’s a cold blooded snake and mostly found in Indonesia, Philippine, Southern China and Western India. King Cobra is an excellent climber of trees and has a very sharp eye sight. The venom of King Cobra is considered to be the deadliest even though its toxicity is not as high as of Indian Cobra, however the large volume of venom injected makes all the difference. It is potent enough to kill an adult Elephant or 20 people. Currently in the list of most dangerous Cobra snakes, the King Cobra holds the first position.



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