Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds

Most dangerous dogsDogs have been one of the best companions as well as protectors for humans for many centuries now.Dogs are kept as pets everywhere now and have become an integral part of our families and lives. The Most dangerous dogs list is made keeping those dogs in mind which make good aggressive guard dogs and are specifically trained to be so. Some people who have kept these dogs treat them like their own children and face no threat from them at all! While we were making this list of most dangerous dogs, many of the aspects has been kept in mind like best guard dog, nature and aggressiveness of the specific dog breed. The main idea of this article is to show you how dangerous yet efficient these dogs can be as guard dogs. It is a fact that no dogs are dangerous, it all depends on the owners and environment in which they are living so enjoy the list.


Note:Before You Read the Article

when we made this article, all we had in mind was to inform new or would-be owners about these lovable dogs and let them consider if they can live up to the dog’s expectations. Calling these furry critter Most Dangerous Dogs does not mean that they don’t understand love or cant give you tons of affection; these dogs would give their lives for their owners without even thinking twice about it! But all this comes with proper training, love and time spent with your pet. The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs list is in no way meant to be derogatory to the dogs nor is it trying to deter people from owning or adopting them. We love dogs as much as other people (i have two Russian Bolonkas) and know the joys of keeping and caring for a dog. I got a lot of angry comments on this article due to some misunderstanding with the direction and gist of this article.


Most Dangerous Dogs List

10. Chow Chow

Chow Chow 

Chow Chow is one of the fluffiest dogs present on this list of most dangerous dogs. Chow Chow is one of the most ancient dog breeds which originated in northern china almost 2000 years ago. They were primarily used for helping shepherds as well as hunting. As far as the nature of Chow Chow is concerned, the overall analysis proves that it’s an active breed and people love to keep it as a pet for guard dog purposes. The normal weight of Chow Chow varies between 22 – 44 kilograms. As compared to other dogs, Chow Chow has 44 teeth while mostly the dogs have 42 teeth.


9. Dalmatian


Dalmatian dogs are cute white skinned dogs with black spots which make them even more attractive. In early 1700, Dalmatians were used for coaching dogs and they fight off intruding animals and robbers who cross into their territory. It’s true that Dalmatians have lot of energy and they are pretty fast and active. Dalmatians tolerate other animals and humans till their limit and step away rather than fight. They are good to keep as pet dogs but they also have a restless nature.  The cute looking Dalmatian dogs have weight between 20 – 32 kilograms and are mostly found in Yugoslavia.


8. Boxer

Boxer Dog 

Boxer is one of the most interesting dog breed all over the world but also counted in the list of most dangerous dogs. The name was given to it on its funny moves while playing with its owners which looks like boxing! One interesting thing about this breed is that Boxer breed holds the record of the dogs with the longest tongue. Boxer has weight between 23 – 33 Kilograms and is mostly found in Germany. Boxers are popular because of their nature while on the other hand, it has many plus points like it can be a very good family dog. Powerfully build and exploding with energy the boxer is a true athlete and is a very dangerous guard dog against robbers and theives.


7. Presa Canario

Presa Canario 

Presa Canario is one of the biggest and most dangerous dogs breed. Having the weight between 37 – 55 kilograms these huge powerful dogs are not only dangerous but they are very frightening looking. The origin of this dangerous dog is Canary Islands and it is one of the most outstanding guard dog breeds of the world. As far as the nature of Presa Canario is concerned, it does not get aggravated easily and only an experienced handler can calm it down. The biting power of Presa Canario is so strong that it is almost impossible to escape out of it easily.


6. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes 

Alaskan Malamutes are a very hard working dog breed. Alaskan Malamutes are mostly found in highly snowy areas where the normal transport is very difficult to find or operate. Alaskan Malamutes has many plus points as compared to negative ones but even then they are dangerous because when this dog gets instigated, it’s very difficult to calm it down. These dogs don’t walk alone in the wild and this clearly shows that if they don’t walk alone then they don’t attack alone as well. The weight of Alaskan Malamutes varies between 35 – 46 kilograms and mostly found in Alaska.


5. Huskies


Huskies are almost the same as Alaskan Malamutes in looks and nature. One interesting thing about Huskies is their howl can be heard even 10 miles away! The original name of this breed is Siberian Husky and they are very strong and silent. They are actually from the North East of Siberia. One thing which makes Huskies unique is their striking eyes which are icy blue. Huskies have a double layered coat which is so dense that even the arctic temperature is not a problem for them. As far as nature is concerned so they are friendly but sometimes very aggressive if rubbed the wrong way. Weight of Huskies varies between 20 – 30 kilograms.


4. Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher is a forceful one man dog. Doberman Pinschers are a popular choice among dog lovers all over the globe because of its various characteristics like it’s one of best human companion, loyal, easy to train, confident, highly intelligent and one thing which sometimes humans don’t have and that is trustworthy. Along with many of these qualities we cannot forget or neglect the anger level of Doberman Pinscher because once its angry it sometimes become very difficult to make it calm down! Most of the times, armed forces keep this dog with them to handle thieves or robbers as well as to detect contraband or explosives. Their weight varies between 30 – 42 kilograms and the origin of Doberman Pinschers is Germany.


3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd 

German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breed all over the world. German Shepherds are fearless, extremely intelligent, active, versatile, very easy to train and loyal dogs. Almost all of the countries of the world have them right now in their armed forces. The loyalty level of German Shepherd can be determined like this that if you are a soldier and German Shepherd is your pet or companion dog then he would be the first one to take the bullet for you. Weight of German Shepherd varies between 32 – 46 kilograms. Why they are counted in the list of most dangerous dogs is because of their protective nature which makes them a formidable foe for thieves as well as intruders.


2. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog 

Rottweiler is one of the most dangerous dog breed of the world and has been banned in many cities all over the globe. If anyone wants to keep a Rottweiler, he has to be very much dedicated to it because Rottweiler requires lot of attention and love. These furry animals are very dedicated to their owners and gaurd them with their lives! Rottweiler has massive stopping power and they are not afraid to use it against any attacker or intruder. Their Weight varies between 46 – 59 kilograms. Rottweiler jaws are the most powerful jaws as compared to all other dogs of the world.


1. Pit Bull


Pit Bull is the most dangerous dogs breed as well as the most misunderstood ones which existed ever. With a head turning reputation from Denver and parts of Florida to Great Britain and New Zealand, Pit bulls are a misread breed. Make no mistake while making any type on contact with Pit Bull because it is not a dog for everyone. This dog has big strong muscles and the big jaw is an eye catcher. Pit Bulls have the title of having the most powerful biting power all over the world among dogs and is currently the most dangerous dogs breed present in the world. Weight varies between 25 – 30 Kilograms.
In the end I would like to say once again that no dog is dangerous. It’s the way their owners raise them to be.


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