Top 10 Most Expensive jewelry

Top 10 Most Expensive jewelryThe most Expensive Jewelry list is a list that can’t just stay the same in terms of price for a long time. Old is gold, so the older the jewels or jewelry get, the more and more expensive they will be. On hearing the word expensive jewelry or the most expensive jewelry, the things which come to mind are perfectly cut diamonds fitted in rings, necklaces, ear rings, bangles and a lot much more. So far, it’s true that almost all of the jewelry items which are counted in the list of most expensive consist of mainly of diamonds or having a large diamond adjusted in them. Jewelry, like all riches, cannot remain in the same hands forever and sooner or later are bound to change hands. Some are valued for their sheer elegance and other for their historic importance. After an in-depth analysis, we have brought you this list keeping in mind that it doesn’t matter how much the real cost is or who was the first owner. The real thing which counts is that who owns them currently and what’s the price they bought it for. Enjoy and share the knowledge of Top 10 most expensive jewelry.




10. Chopard superb Diamond and Emerald Necklace

Chopard superb Diamond and Emerald Necklace 

Chopard superb Diamond and Emerald Necklace is one of the most eye-capturing Necklaces present on our list. It clearly displays the great work and Chopard’s creative approach in making this Necklace. Any woman wearing this necklace will be spontaneously dubbed “lady in green” because of its massive green Columbian Emeralds which weight almost 191 carats! The necklace consists of 16 carats of diamonds which are attached in an excellent symmetry along with the green Columbian Emeralds. Although there are many rumors about the price of this necklace, the estimated price so far is around $3 million and that’s why Chopard superb Diamond and Emerald Necklace holds the 10th place in our list of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelries.


9. De Beers’ Marie Antoinette Necklace

De Beers' Marie Antoinette Necklace 

De Beers is one of the most famous names in the diamond industry. Marie Antoinette Necklace is one among the many world class jewelries produced by De Beers. Marie Antoinette Necklace gives the impression of ancient necklaces worn by the princesses during nights when they wanted to walk under the moon light. The total weight of 181 carats in this necklace is of the diamonds used in it. The main diamonds which dominate the uniqueness of Marie Antoinette Necklace are in the front with leading pink color diamond at the top and 2 yellow diamonds below it directly. The Marie Antoinette Necklace is at 9th in the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry and is currently priced at $3.7 million.


8. Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace

Neil Lane's Diamond Necklace 

Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace has a strong resemblance to those necklaces which were worn by Kings on their weddings or on special occasion’s way back in history. The jewelry designed by Neil Lane is famous throughout the world because of its unique style and exquisiteness. As far as the Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace is concerned, it is highly decorated with 140 carats weight of pear shaped diamonds adjusted in standard and multiple strap layers to enhance the beauty of this marvelous necklace. The price of Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace is $4 million and is considered as one of the best diamond necklaces all over the world.


7. Blue Diamond by Sotheby’s

Blue Diamond by Sotheby’s 

Blue Diamond by Sotheby’s is one of the most magnificent pieces of diamonds present right now and comes in at 7th position in the Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry list. It was found in the Cullinan mine in South Africa which is famous in giving birth to most of the precious diamonds in the world. Currently, Sotheby’s Blue Diamond weight 6.03 carats and is set in a platinum ring. The Blue Diamond by Sotheby’s glows more than regular diamonds in the light to make it much more prominent. It was last sold at the price of $7.98 million. Just imagine how lucky that girl or woman will be who gets proposed by this ring!


6. Diamond Drop Earrings by House of Harry Winston

Diamond Drop Earrings by House of Harry Winston 

Diamond Drop Earrings by House of Harry Winston are known to be the best and the most expensive earrings ever made. These ear rings were designed by Harry Winston for stars to wear them on Oscar ceremony. 2 earrings consist of total 4 pear shaped diamonds, weighing almost 60 carats, are mounted on platinum in such a way that are not visible unless you have a closer look at them. Jewelry, as an accessory, requires combination with your clothes and that’s why it’s sometimes difficult to pick the jewelry which goes perfectly with a dress. The quality of the Diamond Drop Earrings is that they will enhance your beauty and compliment whatever you wear with them. There are rumors about the price tag but the estimated price is $8.5 million.


5. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

Heart of the Kingdom Ruby 

The name of this precious jewelry defines accurately the class, layout and beauty of Heart of the Kingdom Ruby. A big Heart Shaped Burma Ruby weighing 40.6 carats is mounted on top of the 155 carat diamond necklace. Rubies have their own value and sometimes are more precious than diamonds because of their smaller size and because they are scarcely available in double figures of carats. But this heart shaped ruby is considered to be one of the biggest ruby gems present now days. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby was made by Garrard & Co which is considered to be one of the oldest jewelry makers of the world. The price of this expensive necklace is $14 million placing it 5th in the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry.


4. Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring

Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring 

Chopard, as already mentioned, is one of the most famous names in making artistic and attractive jewelry.  Due to its most expensive jewelries, Chopard also comes on in at number 4 in our list thanks to Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring.  The rich lot love to spend quite a fortune on rings and for their beloved ones, they can spend any amount just to bring a smile on their lips! Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring costs around $16.26 million and is the 2nd most expensive ring of the world. Chopard’s Blue Diamond is an oval shaped massive blur diamond mounted on top of a white gold ring with a support of glowing small white diamonds.


3. White Diamond by Sotheby’s

White Diamond by Sotheby’s 

Sotheby’s is considered in the list of oldest auction houses of the world and has played a major role in auctions of the luxurious items for decades. This expensive jewelry item was first brought to attention by Sotheby’s and today it is counted in the list of most expensive jewelries. White Diamond by Sotheby’s is one of the most magnificent diamonds of the world which weights 100 carats and is mounted on a ring. There are some misconceptions about the weight and price of this jewelry but the latest stats and research proves that the current price of this massive ring is around $23 million. White Diamond by Sotheby’s is considered to be one of the largest brilliant-cup white diamonds ever found and presented in the auctions of this world and ranks at third position in the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry.


2. Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Titanic Heart of the Kingdom Ruby 

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond is one of the favorite jewelry items of millions which is present on our list. The popularity level of this massive jewelry can be analyzed in such a way that a blockbuster movie named Titanic was made on a theme of a necklace in which this diamond was mounted. Although the necklace used in that movie was not the real one, even the duplicate one cost $3.5 million! The real price of Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond is $20 million and is currently the most expensive necklace of the world with this huge heart shaped Heart of the Ocean Diamond. An interesting thing is that it’s almost a wish of every man to give this necklace as a present to his spouse as the ultimate proof of true love!


1. Diamond Bikini

Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen and Steinmetz 

Grabbing the number one spot in the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry is not a necklace or a ring but, infact, a dress made up to diamonds; the Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen & Steinmetz! Wearing it to any occasion is bound to draw more than a few looks by both men and women as it is stylized as a short two-pieced woman’s swimming briefs. Paying up $30 million for this extremely small dress take a lot of courage and even more is required to wear it! The Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen & Steinmetz also tops the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Women’s Dress. More than 150 flawless diamonds are fitted in the Bikini including some which are extremely rare and are set perfectly in platinum seats to complete the extraordinary image. Currently the Diamond Bikini is considered to be the most expensive jewelry of the world.



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