Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse

Top 10 mot popular cartoon mouseThe list of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse is one which is full of golden childhood memories and the happy nostalgic feeling of remembering the good times. Mice has been used in cartoon since the beginning of, well, cartoons because of two main factors. A mouse is not so cute in real life but they have always been shown in cartoons as adorable and lovable albeit a bit mischievous. This appeals to children and has been a hit formula. The other reason is that they are small and are the underdogs in real life. So, when the cute and furry mouse is shown as a brave and cunning creature (which can talk in English perfectly), children are bound to fall for them and love them! Cats and mice have been used to show the fight between good and evil or strong and weak  since old times. So, in this way, cartoons show that evil loses to good everytime which is the hidden symbolism behind these cartoons. The list of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mice includes ones from the most popular and best cartoon shows from the 80s and 90s. You will have a very good idea about which mouse is at the top and is the most popular one but bears with us while we go through the rest.





10. Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Being the mightiest mouse in the universe is no easy task! Mighty Mouse is a fearless mouse who is hard as nails and many times as tough. Mighty Mouse has the ability to fly and was the mouse version of superman. The main villain of the Mighty Mouse series is a greedy cat called Oil Can Harry. The cartoons were in the booming voice over style with the lady mouse almost invariably falling in trouble and the brave Mighty Mouse flying to the rescue. The mighty hero lives on another planet made out of cheese and scans the earth by a powerful microscope for any wrongdoings.


9. Master Splinter

Master Splinter

Master Splinter is the spiritual as well as kung fu master of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The TMNT series was a huge hit in the 90s and was one of the biggest  cartoon franchises which later on went on to release full length movies. Master Splinter is the wisest mouse in the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse list. He used to be a kung fu master until he was double crossed by a fellow pupil. He later on came in contact with mutagen which changed him into what he presently is. We refuse to call Master Splinter a rat because we think that is discrimination!


8. Pikachu


Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokémon characters who is not actually a mouse but is a confirmed rodent and hopefully a mouse. Pikachu is one of the mascots for Nintendo and has appeared in many games. The lovable and furry Pikachu packs quite a punch as it can generate up to 10,000 volts to attack its victims. It is the most lethal mouse on the list! It changes form when leveled up to Raichu. It is also known as Pokémon Yellow.


7. Remy


Remy was the star of the box office animated hit Ratatouille and was much loved for his passion for cooking as well as intelligent gestures. Remy dreams of being a professional cook some day but his being a mouse proves to be a very big hurdle. After becoming lost and separated from his family, he befriends a garbage boy and guides him to become a top class cook. Remy comes out victorious at the end with his own restaurant in the city and his family finally accepting his true love; cooking.


6. Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse

The British equivalent to Mi6’s own James bond, Danger Mouse is one cool operator who is not afraid of walking empty handed into the villain’s headquarters. Danger Mouse’s trusty flying car is all he needs to bring law and order to any situation. The eye patch wearing Danger Mouse answers to the Colonel K who is a walrus. The Danger Mouse series was quite fun to watch and was full of jokes and satire. Danger Mouse ranks 6th in the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse list.


5. Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy Gonzalez was though to be a satire aimed at our Mexican brothers and their way of life and was shut down with a little over 40 episodes. Speedy Gonzalez is the fastest mouse in the world and lives in Mexico. It is always seen wearing a white dress with a big yellow sombrero when it is not running around the town! Speedy Gonzalez is often seeing messing up Sylvester the cat and making all his plans to catch him a failure. Speedy Gonzalez often yells Arriba, Arriba… Andale, Andale in a heavy Mexican accent as he leaves a cloud of dust after him!


4. Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Stuart Little became an instant hit when it was released near Christmas back in 1999. Stuart Little also got a couple of sequels which also got very good reception. Stuart Little is the white little rat who became a mouse after a family adopts him as their second son! He even has a nemesis; a call called snowbell who later on becomes a friend after trying to kill the mouse repeatedly.


3. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Created and voiced by Walt Disney along with Mickey Mouse in 1928, Minnie Mouse appeared as a partner to Mickey Mouse and has a very deep friendship with Daisy duck. Minnie Mouse has a few relatives who have appeared over the years like her parents, grand parents as well as uncle and nieces. Minnie Mouse even had her on show later on called Maestro Minnie.  She ranks 3rd in the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse list.


2. Jerry

Jerry mouse

The quick and witty Jerry mouse from the famous Ton and Jerry series is one of the most famous and most loved mouse in the history of mankind! Jerry mouse is always being chased by the somewhat dumb Tom cat. Tweety often appears in Tom and Jerry cartoons and helps out Jerry mouse.  Jerry always gets away with teasing and brutally hurting Tom (who always manages to jump back) and is the hero of the series.


1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse tops the list of the Top 10 mot popular cartoon mouse (as expected) and is considered one of the most successful cartoon concepts of all time. Wearing red shorts with two circles on them, Mickey Mouse and his friends entertained children and adults from all over the world! An exclusive Mickey Mouse club was quickly formed which led it to greater heights! Mickey Mouse was created back in 1928 and has been voiced by only 4 people till now, the original voice belonging to Mr. Walt Disney himself!



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