Top 10 Things People Notice About You

People notice Things about YouPeople spend thousands of dollars on useless courses which claim to teach you the way to win over others instantly or how to influence others. Although a lot of it is plain crap, there are a few basic things which people notice about you when they meet you the first time and every time. If you work on those particular things, people will always see you as a successful and compassionate person! A lot of it deals with our involuntary reactions to certain stimuli and others have to do with the basic urge of the human nature to interact with others! What people notice about you when they meet you are small things which will make or break your impression. These small things give an idea about how important you take your personal grooming. Read the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list and create a more confident and new you!




10. Perfume


The perfume that you wear has the power to turn heads and give off a very good impression. All of us have seen perfume advertisements which play on this very fact with varying degree of truth. However, it is true because perfumes trigger your “feel good” mood and give a solid impression about its user. It is true that the best perfumes are the most expensive ones but a lot of brands are coming out with perfumes and colognes in the mid range which have excellent silage and projection. Click here for some really good options for men’s perfumes and colognes. Perfumes rank 10th in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


9. Make up

Make up

Though this applies to the ladies most of the time, a lot of men have also turned to the face powder and other cosmetics to get that perfect look! Ladies should take special care not to make mistakes with their make up and should always carry certain items in their handbags with them at all times! Just a bit of overdone line liner or a lipstick which is a shade too dark might just ruin your evening! Ladies; just be sure to carry these make up items with you at all times so a quick visit to the ladies room would fix almost anything! Your make up ranks 9th in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


8. Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

It seems like the women folk have got it harder than us men. With so many things that can go wrong, it’s the jewelry and other accessories which might yet again ruin your impression. Wearing nothing may not be socially inacceptable (with regards to jewelry and accessories) but it does not do for a woman to go out without some. A simple ring and some cute earrings can do wonders for you any day but you better be careful when wearing expensive jewelry which is big and dazzling. What might be totally cool at one place might not be inaccord with the scenario of the second!


7. Your Watch


Your watch is your fashion statement and lets others have an idea about your tastes and fashion sense. Your watch can be an antique of the latest sports edition form Tag Heuer; every watch you choose or buy tells a bit about you to others. Just not wear your diamond studded watch to the bar or your water resistant rubber watch to important business meetings and you’ll do just fine. A recent survey showed that men and women who do not wear watches are though to be immature and too young to get serious about life. With loads of gadgets and smartphones available in the market, you may not need a watch to tell the time but it’s the impression a watch gives that makes it very important. Your watch ranks 7th in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


6. Your Hair


People who have bad hair days frequently know the importance of keeping your hair looking perfect. Apart from the adage Hair today gone tomorrow, we should care for our hair and keep them trimmed at all times. Same is the case with men with beards and moustaches; they should always be in shape and in accordance with their facial features. You would want people talking about how you were looking like a hairball! A quick tip for the women is that they should tie up their hair in a ponytail when everything else fails and fret about it later when they have time.


5. Your Shoes


An elegant evening gown or diner jacket will get you a lot of attention but a pair of dirty or worn out shoes is a real deal breaker. Just like the rest of your clothes, your shoes get a lot of attention for others. They are very easy for you to miss because you look at them only when you are putting them on or taking them off. Deshaped or torn shoes give off a very negative image of you and are a big no-no anywhere; even on the beach. On the other hand, even the best pair of hand stitched shoes would look bad if not polished regularly. Take special care of your shoes and always keep one pair (12 pairs for women) for emergencies. Your shoes rank 5th in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


4. Your Car


This may sound a bit unfair to most of our readers but it’s a fact. A top of the line car never fails to announce your success and achievements. Did you ever wonder why the guy with the Mercedes got more girls than you in college? Though the color and interior of the car may tell a lot about you than the car itself, it’s the impression you give to other people of being self sufficient which makes people respect you. You should not, however, go out and try to buy the most expensive cars you can just to prove yourself! Your car (or cars) shows how responsible you are and that is what people look for in others, be it for dating or for business deals.


3. Your Clothes


We already did a top 10 on the women’s fashion mistakes so we won’t have to go through that again. Men tend to make some typical mistakes so it’s not a very big issue for them. How can you ever go wrong with a suit at meetings or a WWE t-shirt and shorts at the pool party? Guy, just don’t try to mix colors that don’t run. It may look cute on your girl friend but will only make you look dumb or even too soft. Your clothes represent who you are so take time to get them washed and pressed before you wear them anywhere. Your clothes rank 3rd in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


2. Your Skin


Though its still though to be a girl’s problem, you’ll be amazed how people notice your skin and the area under your eyes when they them meet you! It has something to do with direct eye contact and range of vision but its true. Keeping your skin clean and taking care of it will go a along way in creating a good impression of you on others and will make people think of you as a tidy and competent person. Guys usually grow a beard (or a month old stubble as they call it) and tend to ignore their skin. Keeping neat and clean will not only make you feel good and attractive but also will give the same impression to others. Your skin ranks 3rd in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.


1. Your Smile


With the exception of Eddie Murphy (and his billion dollar smile), your smile is one of your biggest tools (no pun intended) and use it as frequently as you can. The catch is that you should back up your smile with genuine interest and attention and you have got yourself a winner! A tip for the ladies; its ok if the guys over do their smiles but it’s a different thing with you. Don’t start smiling ear to ear unless you really feel like because you know the drill. We guys (most of us anyways) are real idiots when dealing with women and don’t understand what you want most of the time and smiling too much in circumstances like these might create embarrassing moments for both of you. Your Smile ranks 1st in the Top 10 Things People Notice about You list.




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