Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver

Top 10 Best Places to See in VancouverVancouver is a wonderful place to both visit and live in and has one of the best places to see and enjoy. The mountain ranges, alluring beaches and the generous green environment distinguishes it from other modern cities and its natural beauty attracts millions of eager tourists every year. Vancouver was ranked number one in the list of world’s most liveable cities in the Economist. Vancouver is also loved by producers of movies TV shows because of the scenic beauty found here as well as the high skilled graduates found in the area. There are many great places to visit in Vancouver and the best of the lot are listed as follow in the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list. Aquabus ferries, Skytrain and Grouse Mountain are one of the special things to see and experience for yourself when in Vancouver but theses do not rank high enough to be on the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list but still deserve a special mention.






10. Gas town

Gas town

If you love to see some historical places, then you’ll defiantly love to see Gas town. Gas town is one of the oldest districts of Vancouver and you can find cobblestone lanes, restored buildings and many historical and exclusive art galleries here. Another amazing thing which you will find here is the world’s first steam powered clock. You can enjoy excellent meals at any of the outstanding restaurants present in Gas Town. Gas town ends up at the 10th spot on the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list.


9. Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Spread out on a stunning 2.2 million m2 of an endless variety of plants and trees, the Van Dusen Botanical Garden is an absolute delight to visit for gardeners as well as sight seers. The Van Dusen Botanical Garden has no ticket or entre fees and is open to everyone all year long. All the species have been labelled so that the trip would be as informative as it would be fun! Unique sculptures and figures have been placed in the gardens which are really something to look at! Van Dusen Botanical Garden ranks 6th in the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list.


8. Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in Canada. Here, you will find almost 70,000 animals and many types of aquatic life species. The Vancouver Aquarium is spread over a huge 116,000 square feet area. It has a very diverse marine life and the animal shows which run everyday here are quite famous. Here you can interact with a number of animals and get amused by their funny antics!


7. Granville Island

Granville Island

If you love to travel and enjoy explore new cultures, then this place will surely entertain you a lot. You’ll find many art galleries, popular shops, public markets here. The best thing about this place is that it is open throughout the year and you can visit Granville Island anytime. You can enjoy the rich culture and shopping all year round! Granville Island has been placed 7th in the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list.


6. The Improv Centre

The Improv Centre

Near the Bridges restaurant on Granville Island is located the famous The Improv Centre which is home to the Vancouver TheatreSports League. The Vancouver TheatreSports League is th main reason of visiting The Improv Centre as they have made themselves quite a name nationally as well as internationally for their high quality improvisational comedy shows every week and more than 150 other special shows. Is placed 6th in the list of Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver.


5. Prospect point

Prospect point

This is another awesome and breathtaking place in Stanley Park where you will find the natural beauty at its pinnacle. This point is called the Prospect point and is located just under the Lion Gate Bridge. Standing here, you can see the Pacific Ocean in all its glamour and the beautiful mountains in a breathtaking panoramic view. The beauty which can be witnessed and experienced from this place is far beyond explanation. It is almost a crime to come to Vancouver and not visit Prospect point!


4. English Bay

English Bay

English Bay is one of the most alluring and appealing places of Vancouver where you can go to by walking on the seawall. Here, you can see the magnificent Pacific Ocean on one side and the lovely Stanley Park on the other towards your back. Although you can enjoy shopping and eating in one of the finest places here called Boathouse Restaurant, walking along the English Bay with your loved one still the best thing to do here! Don’t forget to watch the stunning sunset in the sea while you are there!


3. Vancouver Downtown

Vancouver Downtown

Vancouver Downtown is located in the lower part of the northern peninsula and is the hub of business as well as entertainment of Vancouver. Vancouver Downtown houses rising offices as well as skyscraper residential buildings. The Granville Entertainment District as well as Chinatown is also located in Vancouver Downtown which are very popular for their day activities as well as nightlife! Vancouver Downtown is placed 3rd in the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list.


2. Spanish Banks Beach

Spanish Banks Beach

The Spanish Banks Beach is actually made up three beaches named Spanish Bank West, Spanish Bank Extension and Spanish Bank East. As a whole, the Spanish Banks Beach is one of the less crowded beaches of Vancouver and gives you a complete freedom to explore its sandy shores as well as sparkling waters. A scenic view of the city can be seen in the background as that is the only  thing which reminds you that you are not on a far away island!


1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is also known as the Crown Jewel of the Vancouver. The park, spread over 400 hectares, is located on the edge of the downtown of the city. The park is full of green magnificence and the lush green trees of cedar, hemlock and fir create the effect of experiencing heaven. A seawall of 8.8 kilometre borders the perimeter of the park. It is mostly it is used for biking, rollerblading and jogging. There are a lot of amusement activities for kids too like water slides, playgrounds, children’s farmyard etc. Stanley Park is placed at the top of the Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver list.



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