Top 10 Most Popular Careers 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Careers 2012Making the right career choice is one of the most important and critical decisions and is given more thought than the decision of who to marry! Career choices depend on the interests and qualities of the person who is deciding as well as the market trends and demands. With the job situation looking better than last year, it is very important for you to start moving forward and jumping ship if an excellent opportunity arises. The Top 10 Most Popular Careers changes every year due to the political or financial situation of the international market. The golden job (which everyone dreams of having) is one which gives you full satisfaction with regards to traveling time, promotions and growth, a big fat paycheck and a good working environment among other things. Certain occupations and careers have become more popular over the last few years like Civil Engineering or Plastic Surgeon because the high pays promise a luxurious lifestyle. The Top 10 Most Popular Careers list has been updated for 2012 and reflects the best and most demanded jobs from all around the world.





10. Marriage Counselor /Therapist

Marriage Counselor Therapist

A Marriage Counselor /Therapist career is a very lucrative one but not one without complications. Clients speak out their hearts with you and sometimes get emotionally attached! Being a Marriage Counselor /Therapist, you have to be compassionate and helpful in solving the issues and differences between the husband and wife so that they can live a better and happier married life. A good and experienced Marriage Counselor /Therapist can also be the family therapist and can easily earn $120 per hour! A career as Marriage Counselor/Therapist ranks 10th in the Top 10 Most Popular Careers.


9. Translator


Being a translator can never be boring and often requires travelling in which you can have new experiences and see the world, all at the companies expense! Translators also work as freelance or open their own agency. This type of business has a lot of income with each translator earning more than doctors and engineers on yearly basis. The only catch is that you should know those languages for which a translator is more sought after than others like Chinese and German.


8. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineering was given a great boom by the advancement in the field of petroleum and its related products. Offshore Chemical Engineering jobs are one of the highest paid jobs in the world and Chemical Engineers working at oil fields and rigs enjoy unparallel benefits like 15 days off per month among other incentives. Those working in refineries and fertilizer fields are also handsomely paid and their services are always in demand.  Chemical Engineer is placed 8th in the Top 10 Most Popular Careers list.


7. Dentists


Although they are not quite doctors, Dentists are also quite successful and often run their own business after getting some experience. You would have visited a dentist at some point in your life and would have a vague idea how much a good dentist can earn every day! A dentist can easily earn around $70 per hour and the expensive ones charge up to double of that figure!


6. Sports Analyst/Commentator

Sports Analyst Commentator

Being a Sports Analyst/Commentator is a dream job which millions of sports fans would like to try their hand at. Being a Sports Analyst/Commentator might sound like a fun job but it is not easy to be one in reality. An analyst has to be spot on and has to prove his worth in order to keep his job and the same goes for commentators. If they can not keep the fans interested in the game as well as the bits and pieces of information about it, the network might very well boot him from the box!


5. Coach/ Personal Trainer

Coach Personal Trainer

Closely related to the Sports Analyst/Commentator job, a Coach/ Personal Trainer holds a lot of importance for the sportsman or team they work for. Not only they groom the game relates skills but go as far as designing the diet and influence the sportsman by mental conditioning. Being a very critical job, the pays are bound to be sky high. Coach/ Personal Trainers accompany the athletes and sportsmen to their tournaments and competitions around the world and get to see the world! Being a  will get you the 5th  most popular job of the Top 10 Most Popular Careers list.


4. Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

With a growing number of people, especially those related to showbiz, falling prey to the Plastic Surgery addiction, Plastic Surgeons from all over the world are reaping the benefits of technology as well as human nature. Plastic Surgeons are so sought after that they often do not get a chance to go on a vacation for years! Plastic Surgeons have one of the most expensive lifestyles in the working class category and life a very comfortable life. Celebrities rush to Plastic Surgeons to maintain their good looks and some have even kept personal Plastic Surgeons with them.


3. Financial Analyst/Advisor

Financial Analyst Advisor

The post of Financial Analyst/Advisor is a very critical one for any company and a career in Financial Analyst/Advisor is, although a bit stressful in the beginning, a very beneficial one which promises a successful career as well as a comfortable life. Being a Financial Analyst/Advisor is in no way an easy task as millions and sometimes the whole company is depending on you to make the right choice and move the company forward. A Financial Analyst/Advisor career is [laced 3rd in The Top 10 Most Popular Careers list.


2. Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

They only guys who travel the world more thoroughly than the navy are the Commercial Pilots. Although making a career as a Commercial Pilot requires a lot of skills and unfailing determination, the rewards and benefits are innumerable once you get there. A Commercial Pilot flys to destinations all over the world and lives first class wherever he goes. Making a career as a Commercial Pilot is probably the toughest career listed in the Top 10 Most popular careers list. Being a Commercial Pilot places additional responsibility on your shoulders because you are not only responsible for the plane worth billions but also for the lives of hundreds of people flying with you!


1. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Number one in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Careers list is the Biomedical Engineering profession.  Biomedical Engineering is a relatively new field and is highly unsaturated at the moment. A Biomedical Engineer is adept in both the engineering as well as medical fields and helps over come the gap between the two so that better equipments and machines can be made for the advancement of the medical field. A Biomedical Engineer also maintains and analysis the current technology being used as to make it error free and accurate. Genetic engineering is a sub category of Biomedical Engineering.


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