Top 10 Popular Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas MoviesHolidays are always a very busy time for everyone because all of us have their own plans for it. With all the Christmas Gifts open and everyone stuffed up with delicious foods (like Christmas cookies!) and drinks, it’s time for all the family to gather around the fireplace! People then sing together Christmas songs and carols, read Christmas poems and chat up with each other about the last year and what they want to do with the next one.  They turn on their TV sets and enjoy the great specials and movies which are being aired especially for this holiday. People always watch movies on Christmas and it is almost a tradition in some houses for the whole family to watch any movie on this day! Christmas movies may be ones which are based on this holiday and how they change people or they could be the ones which related to Christmas rather weakly. People can watch any movie they want or like on Christmas as it’s their own choice. The following movies are the top rated the Top 10 Christmas movies and films which have a Christmas theme and this holiday plays a central role in them.





10. Action Movies

Action movies  

These are not conventional movies to be watched on Christmas but they revolve around it and hence have been added in the Top 10 Christmas Movies list! They include the all time favorites Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Nightmare before Christmas and Gremlins! These movies range from thriller and action movies to horror movies but are much watched mostly by guys as they are not the best family movies to see on Christmas! Bruce Willis is at his best in the Die Hard series and it’s always fun to watch him save the people (and Christmas) no matter how many times you’ve seen it already!


9. Bad Santa

Bad Santa  

One of the funniest dark comedy movies on the list, Bad Santa is a must see film for this holiday if you plan to watch it with anyone except children. The scene with the drunk Santa bad mouthing everyone is quite hilarious and is one of the best scenes of the Bad Santa movie. A mall Santa and his dwarf rob the mall they work in every year and then spend the year as they please. This time around, things change as the mall security starts to suspect them and they befriend a boy. Although critics dubbed it a failed idea before the movie was released, Bad Santa amassed huge profits and positive review after it got released.


8. The Polar Express

The Polar Express  

The Polar Express comes in 8th in famous Christmas Movies and films. This is basically an animated movie and is family movie aimed at children. Tom Hanks has voiced more than 3 characters in The Polar Express and was very keen on the project in all aspects. The Polar Express is the story about a boy who is trying to steady his faith despite the odds and is offered a ride on a magical train heading north to visit Santa! It has been quite popular with children since its release in 2004.



7. Love Actually

Love Actually  

Love Actually depicts superb performances by 4 distressed couples who are struggling with their understanding of life and go on a journey of self discovery, which ends on the Christmas day and shows them the true meaning of this holiday! The final airport scene is worth waiting for as the movie builds up its characters and theme in a very convincing way. Love Actually shows how people don’t really understand what love is until they lose what they have, for better or for worse. Love Actually is ranked 7th in the Top 10 Christmas Movies list. Hugh Grant and Keira Knightly deserve special mention for their outstanding performances in this movie!


6. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol  

The novel A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens and has been adapted to the big screen numerous times and in different languages and the main character, the unforgettable Scrooge, has been referenced and copied almost endlessly all across the world! By mentioning A Christmas Carol here at number 6th on the Top 10 Christmas Movies, we refer to both versions; the original one and the one which came in 2009 with Jim Carrey lending his voice to the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future along with young scrooge and beautifully altering it as the Scrooge ages.


5. Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way  

Jingle All the Way is a feel good movie with a great entertainment value for all the family. It has comedy, emotions and a bit of action as well! Jingle All the Way has been called by many the greatest movies made for families to enjoy on Christmas. Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger starts as an ever busy dad who has no time for his family and kids. He finally gets a chance to redeem himself and make up to his son for all the mistakes he made by buying him an action figure. The problem? Its Christmas Eve and all shops are closed or sold out! What ensues in Jingle All the Way is a battle of will between our hero and another dad who is out to buy the same thing for his son!


4. Miracle on the 34th Street

Miracle on the 34th Street  

4th on the list of Top 10 Christmas Movies is the classic Miracle on the 34th Street which was released in 1947 and was remade in 1994. Although the remake was met with poor reviews and low box office returns, it still had the powerful performances and though provoking questions that the original movie had. A man who claims to be Santa Clause is sent to a mental institution. This verdict is challenged in court by a lawyer and what happens after this is a true eye opener. Miracle on the 34th Street enjoys repeat viewings almost every Christmas all over the world!


3. The Family Man

The Family Man  

The Family Man gives the message that money, power and fame can give you everything except contentment and happiness always lies within your family and friends. Although a bit similar to the characters of Scrooge from The Christmas Carol and George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, the main character (Nicholas Cage) of The Family Man is taken back 13 years and shown how his lonely meaningless life would have been now if he had decided to stay with his family instead of going for fortune and fame. Superb acting and strong messages throughout the movie has made it forever a Christmas classic!


2. Home Alone and Home Alone 2

Home Alone  

Home Alone & Home Alone 2 has always be a staple part of the Christmas movie collection for a very long time now and is fun to watch. The child star Macaulay Culkin portrays an 8 year old kid who gets left behind by mistake in his house as his family goes off to Europe for the Christmas holidays. Two unfortunate burglars make the biggest mistake of their lives by trying to rob the house. What ensues is a cross between MacGyver and Baby’s Day out is a excellent movie for the family! Perfectly timed traps and cleverly designed pitfalls are some of the most hilarious elements of this movie!


1. The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause  

Tim Allen features in all three movie parts of this Christmas franchise. The Santa Clause starts off with a clumsy man being given the duties of Santa Clause after he accidently kills the real one! Grabbing the first place in the list of Top 10 Christmas Movies, the second part (The Santa Clause 2) was also quite popular with the third one (The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause) totally rejected by the viewers! It gives innumerable laughs and is quite enjoyable for every member of the family!



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