Top 10 Popular Christmas Poems

Top 10 Famous Christmas PoemsLately, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people opting to stay home and spending time with their loved ones on Christmas. This may be due to several factors but the main cause is that man has just realized that we should be happy for what u get and should be thankful to God for all HE has given us. Huddled up near the fireplace on Christmas and enjoying talking to family and friends is one of those traditions which are the heart and soul of this day. Naturally, chatting dries up a bit and someone comes up with the idea of singing Christmas songs or Christmas Carols. This eventually leads to Christmas poems being recited as all the family read out their favorite one which is full of thanks as well as of the festive mood this day brings. Meeting and catching up with distant relatives and out of touch friends adds the excitement and delight factor to this holiday. Following is a list of the Christmas Poems which are being heard all around these days and are quite famous because of their honest and true description of our feelings and joys. So gather around the fireplace with your family and read out your favourite poem for the Top 10 famous Christmas Poems list!




10. Christmas With You

9. The Star and The Tree Christmas

8. 12 Days of Christmas

7. On a winters morning

6. The Christmas Tree Poem

5. Christmas Gets Better Every Year

4. Christmas lives inside your heart

3. Christmas Bells

2. Twas The Night Before Christmas

1. A Soldier’s Christmas



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