Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 popular Honeymoon DestinationsThe big day has come and gone and now you are the happiest married person in the world. I meant both of you. Anyways, what next? Definitely a list of the best honeymoon locations and places! People with arranged marriages would some time together away from their families and get to know each other better. Some just want the fun not to stop so they go off either to see distant relatives. These trips are infact a very old tradition called Honeymoon and is now days thought compulsory (atleast by the bride!). The newlyweds celebrate their marriage by going on honeymoons and making special memories of the exotic and breathtaking places they had been to. Since most of us can afford only one honeymoon in a lifetime, it should be a very carefully planned out vacation and should be free of all the stress and matters of the daily lives of the couple. A few spots have globally gained the reputation of being the best and perfect Honeymoon destinations. From lavish honeymoon suites to picture perfect candle dinners alone on an island, here are the top 10 best Honeymoon destinations of the world.




10. Seychelles


Happily basking on the beaches of Seychelles, you’ll be glad you made the right decision of coming here for your honeymoon! White sandy beaches, emerald blue waters and unusual large rocks coupled with inland jungles make up most of the breath taking natural beauty of these islands. It is located close to Madagascar, Mauritius and Kenya (the famous Tsavo National Park) and you can easily visit these places as a bonus! The highlights of the trip, among many, are the two coral islands near Seychelles a tour of which should not be missed at any price!


9. Dubai


Dubai is not the first place which will come to mind when thinking of your honeymoon trip but it is exactly the change city lovers would opt for rather than travelling to far off jungles! Dubai is the perfect blend of fun filled city tours, thrilling desert safaris, great sandy beaches and the ultimate shopping heaven! Atlantis, The Palm Dubai is a unique place water theme park complete with giant fishes and underwater tunnels! Do enjoy travelling in the water taxis when in Dubai! A recent addition to the already long list of excellent recreational places in the UAE is the huge Iceland water park which spans 110,000 sq. meters!


8. Spain


Three out of the Top 10 honeymoon destinations are not exotic islands or far way places. Wondering why? This is because places like Spain give you a complete experience which is well balanced between the calm country sides to the bustling night life of cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. The diverse construction styles is bound you to take pictures of every single building and the superb restaurants famous for their delicacies will create for you the perfect honeymoon trip you might not forget for a very long time! Spain ranks 8th in the Top 10 most popular destinations list.


7. Maldives


Off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean lies the beautiful island of Maldives. It is based on a total of 1200 small islands formed by volcanoes and is one of the most famous and popular honeymoon destinations of Asia. The combination of high humidity and cool sea breeze creates a soothing sensation on the skin and the true magic of tropical summers can be felt here in every way. The natural beauty is breath taking and is so perfect that it looks unreal sometimes! Another plus point of going to Maldives is that you can also easily visit Sri Lanka and India too! However it is recommended to go to Maldives in the stormy season as it is the world’s lowest country and is just 5 ft above the sea level.


6. Mauritius


A definite place to be one or twice a year if lady luck has shone on you quite brightly in monitory terms, Mauritius is also a preferred location for newlywed couples. Famous for its stunning costal line and the spoiling lavishness of the hotels and resorts, Mauritius has everything needed to make the trip worthwhile and is placed 6th in the list of Top 10 most popular and famous honeymoon points. The deep blue water and inland natural beauty would put you in a party mood instantly! Mauritius is indeed a heaven floating in the sea and is sure to delight newlyweds the world over!


5. Antigua

Convert your Caribbean dream into a reality by choosing Antigua as your honeymoon destinations! People would want to go to other excellent locations present in the Caribbean like Barbados, Jamaica and St Lucia but the special thing about Antigua is that although it is not the best place for shopping(celebrate guys!), it is less populated and far less crowded than other islands. There are some high class hotels and resorts present in Antigua which includes private pools, spacious lounges and unforgettable beaches!


4. Thailand


Although Thailand is famous for shrines, elephants and gemstones, no one can doubt the experience that Thailand offers to tourist and vacationers is second to none! Popular beaches, picturesque mountains, awe-inspiring caves are only a small part of the package.  From beautiful sunflower fields to ancient and historical temples, Thailand is no doubt one of the Top 10 most popular and famous places destinations for new couples. The only thing you’ll find yourself short of will be time! Beaches like Phuket, Pataya and Phangan will prove to be the perfect place for young couple with sandy beaches and quiet nights while cities and places like Bangkok, Hat Yai and Songkhla are better for shopping and partying!


3. Italy


With Rome, Florence and Venice definitely on your list, your trip to Italy is one filled with outstanding new experiences including cross country train travelling and lots of walking which can easily be done by young couples which also gives them lots and lots of time alone! Rome is in itself a completely different world and is brimful of architecture which will leave you spellbound. Vatican City is situated there and holds a special place. The other unique element is the floating city of Venice which is built on water and a ride in the gondolas at sunset with the rower’s soft sweet singing is one beautiful memory you’ll never tire of! Milan and Naples are more like the Italian versions of New York.


2. France


2nd only to Hawaii in our Top 10 most popular and famous places destinations for new couples is France, the ultimate destination for lovers from all around the world! Paris is famous for its romantic nights and active days as can find unlimited places to visit and a huge number of activities to do. Paris is also known as the heart of France. Other than that, Grenoble deserves a special mention. It is one of those places not a lot of people know about and make an ideal place to be when trying to spend a nice quite time. The scenic beauty is reminiscent of that found in Switzerland with the Alps surrounding the city like a protective barrier!


1. Hawaii


Number one in the Top 10 best honeymoon destinations list is Hawaii, the undisputed choice for all the newly married couples who can afford. Hawaii has it all ranging from national museums and parks, shop till you drop areas and the endless white sandy beaches so pure and clean you’ll think you’re in a dream. The only issue is that the place is such an immense hit with vacationers that it tends to be just a tad crowded. Hawaii has byways with a fun ride and a quite time together for the couple as they experience the historical elements blended in natural breath taking beauty! Hawaii ranks first in  the top 10 best Honeymoon destinations of the world!




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