Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012Despite refusing to switch to windows or android platform, Nokia Mobiles are still a very big hit, especially in Asia and Europe.  It was quite recently that they have decided to ditch their ever so loved Symbian OS in favor of cashing their partnership with Microsoft. Nokia Mobiles has time and again come up with super hit smart phones at a very affordable price and acceptable quality. This factor, coupled with the fact that most of our first phones were from Nokia Mobiles, has taken the Finish company to great heights. The year 2011 was no different and Nokia introduced the Anna and Bella OS upgrade which got positive reviews. The year 2012 will be no different as we predict that the 3rd and 4th quarter will see a rise in the market shares of Nokia (despite a predicted Apple iPhone launch). We have listed the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 and do sense that Nokia does have a few tricks up its sleeves to caputure new market in 2012. It comes as a surprise that not all phones in the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list are smartphones as you will see.





10. Nokia N9 16GB 3G

Nokia N9 16GB 3G

Nokia N9 3G 16GB starts off the list of Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012. N9 was one of the most awaited phones of last year and it really lived up to its expectations when it was launched. the unique design and structure with its tapered endings is quite a beauty to hold and use. The absolutely stunning 3.9 inch AMOLDED Clear black display has been reinforced with Gorilla Glass. A dual Led flash 8 MP Carl Zeus autofocus camera takes care of all the entertainment needs.


9. Nokia 2720 S40

Nokia 2720 S40

The Nokia 2720 runs on the rare S40 platform which somehow limits the usage and capabilities of the mobile phone. It does give you a Wap browser but that really what it has to offer. The body and design are quite eye catching and the dual display works like a charm. Nokia 2720 comes with the useful Bluetooth and push to talk features which do come in handy quite a lot. All this comes in the lowest price range which has made this phone a hit. It is placed 9th in the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list.


8. Nokia Lumia 800 black 16GB

Nokia Lumia 800 black 16GB

With ! million units already sold, the  Lumina 800 has already proved that Nokia is going in the right direction! The Lumina 800 is a Windows phone and the flagship phone of Nokia’s new era. Powered by Internet Explorer 9, this 3.7 inch AMOLDED Clear black display phone boasts of an 8MP camera capable of HD recording! It also comes with a mind blowing 335 hours standby time on 3G. Lumina 800 currently is being offered in Black and cyan only.


7. Nokia 6085

Nokia 6085

Nokia 6085 is one of the last ones of its kinds which have proved their mettle and will make it to the new era with ease. The 6085 does not have large touchscreen displays or blazing internet speeds but it is quite efficient and reliable at doing what it was made to do. It does have A2DP Bluetooth connection for enjoying stereo wireless music and dual displays for checking alerts without having to flip open the phone again and again. Nokia 6085 ranks 7th in the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list.


6. Nokia E5-00

Nokia E5-00

Most of us are quite at ease with the E series Nokia Mobiles introduced a few years ago. The Nokia E5-00 has been by far the most successful E series phone of the lot and is still in demand all over the world. Striking the perfect balance between being a business phone and an entertainment one, E5 has a standard qwerty layout with a large and easy to use navigation button. WiFi and HSDPA is available for speedy internet connections.


5. Nokia C2-01

Nokia C2-01.5

Nokia C2-01 is probably the best second phone that you can keep with your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2 and ranks 5th in the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list. It flawlessly runs GPRS and has a decent camera and display fir its 2 inch screen. The small price tag is defiantly a bargain as the phone packs a lot more productivity than its price suggests. It also cones with a 3.15 MP which sadly lacks a flash.


4. Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01

The X2-01 was a huge hit because of 2 factors. the first one was its price range. The X2-01 has all the basic and necessary features required nowadays and at a very low price. The second reason of its success is its   customized home screen which has been optimized for messaging and playing media or taking pictures. It does not have any outstanding specifications which require a mention but it is in fact the overall effect which is more than satisfactory.


3. Nokia C5-03

Nokia C5-03

this 3.2 inches touchscreen smartphone sports a 5 MP camera and 229 ppi 16 million display. It has a 600 MHz processor which can handle high speed data transfer up to 10.2 Mbps!Sadly, it was not given the OS upgrade Anna as was offered for other phones of this type. Maybe it was not upgraded because it falls in the lower price range of smartphones. The Nokia C5-03 has been rated 3rd in the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list.


2. Nokia N8

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is one of those phones which come out of the blue and blow away all the competition. The N8caused quite a splash with its 3.5 inches AMOLDED touchscreen and a 12 MP autofocus Carl Zeus camera. It has all the connectivity options popular now days and is quite fast too! Nokia N8 was launched with the Symbian 3 OS but now an Anna OS upgrade has been made available for it.


1. Nokia C3-00

Nokia C3-00

Nokia C3-00 come out, quite surprisingly, at the top of the Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012 list. Featuring a qwerty keyboard with wide and nicely spaced keys and a large navigational button, using C3 for browsing the internet, texting of just listening to music quite fun. The Nokia C3-00 has a 2MP camera and a 2.4 inches display to go with it. It also has WiFi connectivity for internet on the go.



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