Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2012

Top 10 Most Populated CountriesEver felt your neighborhood was getting more crowded by the day? Well that might just not be so but every day the population of the world is growing as our species has passed the 7 Billion mark and is set to be almost 10 Billion till 2050! The total world population, when broken down into territories and countries, varies a lot due to geographical and environmental conditions. Places with deserts and famine tend to be less populated than those which offer lavish lifestyles and successful career opportunities. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries may not be the most feasible place to live in but as nations have evolved, people have concentrated more in some places than others. Two countries that are not presently in the top 10 list but will be in a couple of years, in terms of population, are Philippines and Congo. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries list presented here is based on the population figures on last year and this year which has been interpolated till 2050 to make our list valid for a long, long time!



10. Japan


Despite the rather limited space the Japanese have in term of land; they have quite a number of people living there. As of 2010, their population was 126,804,433 which grew to in 2011. Recently a natural catastrophe has hit Japan and their population has gone down notable and is set to slide off the Top 10 Most Populated Countries list in a couple of years. Destruction on a very large scale was seen in the event and is the worst in the history of Japan.

9. Russia


Formerly the USSR, Russia stretches from Norway to North Korea and roughly has 142,958,000 people living in its borders and is placed 9th in the list. Like Japan, Russia will also drop from the top 10 to the 13th or 14th position till 2050. This is because the population growth percentage calculated for Russia is in the minus range indicating the number of people will reduce instead of growing. An interesting fact about Russia is that is has 9 different time zones (recently reduced from 11) in its borders and the time difference between two borders can be up to nine hours!

8. Nigeria


With almost 70% growth of its population from the 90s, Nigeria, being the most populated country of Africa, stands at number 8 in the countries with the most population. Nigeria has a problem of being overpopulated coupled with one of the lowest life expectancy rates of the world. Presently, it is populated by 158,423,000 citizens and this number will go up to almost 389,615,000 by the middle of 2050! Almost half of the population of Nigeria is Muslim and the other half is Christian.

7. Bangladesh


Bangladesh ranks 7th in the list of top 10 most populated countries with a present figure of 158,065,841. More than 40% of the population lives below poverty line but stats show improvement in the economy of Bangladesh and this ratio is expected to fall a bit. The year 2050 will see the total population rise to around 194,000,000. Dhaka is the largest division and the hub of all activities of Bangladesh.

6. Pakistan


With 70 million people living below the poverty line, the ailing situation of Pakistan is about to get tougher with its present population of 173,600,000 excepted to grow up to 275,000,000 till 2050. Pakistan holds a very strategic geographical location and shares borders with Afghanistan, India and china and also links to the Arab world. Pakistan has a territorial dispute with neighboring country India over Kashmir and the figure shown above does not include the Kashmiri population.

5. Brazil


For a country known more for its beaches and footballers, Brazil surprisingly ranks 5th in the list of top 10 most populated countries as well as the top 10 largest countries of the world! The present population is 201,103,000 which will expand to 222,843,000 in 40 years. Brazil is heavily influenced by its former Portuguese rulers and to date still uses their language. It is also the world’s largest Portuguese speaking country.

4. Indonesia


Indonesia is among the top 4 countries in this list which will see a population growth of over 50 million in the coming years! The total population is expected to go up from 293,465,000 (2011) to 293,456,000 (2050). Indonesia has a lot of immigrant from the neighboring countries who have settled down there. 2.1% of the total population owns cars of some sort and this is the cause of its low rank in top polluting countries of the world. Indonesia is also the biggest Muslim country of the world.

3. United States

United States of America

United States of America, the land of the free has a population of 310,232,863 which will easily grow to 403,101,000 by the mid of 2050. The living standard of this country is quite decent and is one of the most preferred living places in the world. United States also boasts of having the most educated masses as it tops the list of the average schooling years of citizens who are very happy with what the government is doing for them which is the opposite for most of the other countries!

2. India


With almost 1,224,614,000 people living within its borders, India claims the second spot in the Top 10 most populated countries of the world. The high population growth rate will however launch India’s population past 1,500,000,000 pretty soon. India is very densely populated and much of its inhabitants live well under the poverty line set by the Indian Government. The estimated population in 2050 will be almost 1,690,000,000!

1. China


With a population which grew from 1,330,141,295(last year) to the present 1,341,335,000, China is the reigning king of the Top 10 Most Populated Countries list. The biggest factor of the huge number of people living in China is its area which roughly makes up half of the western Asia! However at the present rate of growth, China will fall to the second spot (1,295,604,000) till 2050 giving way to India as being the most populated country of the world!




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