Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles

Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair StylesThe ultra beautiful and stylish Selena Gomez has been the talk of town nowadays as she is equally popular among the older as well as younger fans. Her acting and singing talents have become a lot better and polished over the years since she started off with the Mickey Mouse Club. Today we take a critical look at her preferred hair styles and the unconventional ones she sports every now and then. The Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles are the ones which she usually uses to crown her cute and roundish face. The jet black hair of Selena Gomez is very straight and healthy so it’s really a breeze for her to change over from one style to the other quickly. This can come in really handy when she needs to jump from one look to the other quickly!



Middle Part Hair Style

selena gomez Middle part Hair Style

Selena Gomez Hair styles usually range from parting in the middle so that her perfect dark hair cover her face from both sides beautifully to the back combed and done up style with a couple of strands hanging from the sides to give her face a slimmer look.


Curly Hair Style

Selena Gomez Curly Hair Style

Selena opted of the curly look with slight highlights at the bottom which changed her appearance drastically and even her boyfriend Justin Beiber complimented her on the hair do on a TV show!


Tied Back Hair Style

selena gomez tied back Hair Style

The Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles also include the girl next door look with tied up hair and a thick ponytail resting on her shoulders. Selena has not been seen with this hairdo often so we suppose that she saves it for a bad hair day! Since she has long and thick hair, the quickest fix is to brush them back and tie up into a pony. It looks simple and elegant at the same time.


Straight Hair with Bangs

selena gomez Stright Hair Style with bangs

Next in the list of Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles is the straight hair style which we usually see Selena Gomez sporting. She has been spotted with bangs which totally transformed her looks. Bangs do not suit every face type but Selena managed to pull it off brilliantly!


Side Parted Hair Style

Selena Gomez Side Parted Hair Style

Another hairstyle in this list is the side parted look which really suits her as well. Selena usually keeps her hair straight and wavy and experiments with the middle and side part to keep her looks fresh all the time!


Braided Hair

selena gomez braided Hair Style

On very few occasions have we seen her hair being done up in a braid of any kind. Personally I think that her hair look dull and dried in a braid and she should not opt for this hair style.


Over the Eye Bangs Hair Style

selena gomez Over the eye Hair Style

Next are the unconventional hairstyles in the Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles list. Selena often goes for the bangs over one eye hairstyle which makes her look hot and chic at the same time. This Selena Gomez hairstyle gives her extra class and style but sadly is not one of her permanent of preferred styles because this style is pretty to look at but really hard to mange on a daily basis!


Short Hair Style

selena gomez Short Hair Style

She also has experimented with short hair when she opted for the Bob cut with dyed hair. It gave her a school girl look and she quickly grew her hair back. Not that she look bad or anything, it just made her look too young! Last in the list of Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles is the messy look. Selena took the gamble and it paid off pretty well as she looked really nice and cute in the messy hair style look.



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