Top 10 Tea producing countries

Top 10 Tea producing countriesThe History of the Tea is that it was first produced and started by china as a medicine and with the passage of time it started becoming more and more popular and has become an important part of our daily life.It has become a common beverage which almost all of us prefer. Drinking tea and coffee are some of the most common things between us now days. Some prefer it very excessively while some take it just once or a day or even less. Sometimes people don’t even think about it at all. But it’s an interesting factor that tea is one of the major sources of income for most of the countries and there are countries where tea consumption is so high thatit is very difficult to document. Almost more than 45 countries grow tea in big quantity for exports as well as local consumption. Among these, Asian countries are the leading ones creating more than 91 % tea of the total world.

The topic under discussion is about those countries that produce the most of the tea in any aspect simply saying Top 10 tea producing countries on maximum basis. Our team tried a lot to find out the latest stats the best we could come up with was the stats list of 2008. Hope you enjoy the post and if you have better knowledge about this Top 10 list then feel free to enlighten us as well as our readers from around the globe.


10. Iran

Iran tea plantsIn Iran there are 108 tea factories and 81,510 acres of tea farms. One interesting thing to know is this that 11 % of the total area of Iran is cultivated area. Iran holds the first position in maximum production of Stone fruits and Berries all over the globe but it ranks number 10 in maximum tea producing countries. Mostly the color of Iranian tea is red and people prefer it without sugar. The total production of tea by Iran in 2008 was 60,000 tons.



9. Argentina

Argentina Tea plantsArgentina is one of the countries which are considered as rich cultivated land because it produces ample amount of vegetables, Fruit, Sugarcane, Cotton and a lot more .The total cultivated land of Argentina is approximately 74,552,000 acres. Argentina is also very popular all over the globe because of its fine quality tea which is mostly exported to United States of America and United Kingdom. The total amount of tea produced by Argentina in 2008 was 76,000 tons. Argentina is known for  its fine quality red grapes cultivation.



8. Japan

Japan TeaTea taste and representation in Japan represents their love and affection with the friends and more over it also represents their culture in a nice way. After the tsunami Japan has gone down in most of the things in which it was standing very high. One of them is the tea which was produced 94,100 tons in 2008 by Japan.





7. Indonesia

Indonesia tea plantsIndonesia is very much popular in agricultural sector in many aspects because of its production of coffee, tea, cocoa, rice ,vegetables and it is also the third largest rice producer all over the globe but in this list Indonesia ranks number seven in the production of Tea because Indonesia had produced 150,851 tons of tea in 2008.





6. Vietnam

Vietnam teaThe total agricultural area of Vietnam is round about 17,800,000 acres and Vietnam is most popular in the production of rice and along with that Vietnam is also enjoys a good reputation in the production Corns, fruits and vegetables. The reason why Vietnam is on our list is because the total amount of tea produced by Vietnam in 2008 was 174,900 tons.





5. Turkey

Tea is one of the major sources of income in Turkey and most of the income in generated from the cultivation of tea. Turkey produces different varieties in tea the basic production was first started in 1888 which later on kept on growing and growing with the passage of time. In 2008 the total production was 213,000 tons. About 6 % of the total tea of the world is produced by Turkey. Tea or coffee is the most common beverage you will find in Turkey because it shows their sign of friendship and hospitality to their guests and tourists.



4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tea Sri Lanka is having 5,831,687 acres of agricultural land very much popular in its good quality of Black tea and rice. Approximately 39 % of its labor force serves the agricultural sector. About 9.1 % of the total tea of the world is produced by Sri Lanka and more over in 2008 Sri Lanka produced 318,470 tons of tea in 2008.





3. Kenya

Kenya teaKenya is also known as the land of Potatoes because of good and different qualities of potatoes produced by Kenyan farmers. When we talk about tea, Kenya is one of the most leading countries in it because about 9.6 % of the total tea of the world is produced by Kenya and more over Kenya has produced 345,800 tons of tea in 2008.





2. India

India tea plantsIndia is one of the growing and leading countries in most of the aspects like showbiz, technology, education and lot more. India ranks number one in most of the cultivating crops but we are here to know about tea produced by India. You will be astonished to know this that 23.6 of total tea of the world are produced by India. This is not the least in 2008 India has produced 905,180 tons of tea.




1. China

China teaChina is one of the rising nations now days and has a huge name in the open market in most of the things including electronics, crockery, Clothing, medicine and agricultural sector as well. You will be astonished to find out that 28.3 % of the total tea produced throughout the globe is produced by china. While on the other hand 15 % of the total land of china is cultivating land. The total amount of tea produced by china in 2008 was 1,257,384 tons and thats why it ranks number one in our list of maximum tea producing countries.




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