Top 10 Best Ties for men

Top 10 Best Ties for menTies are a staple part of a businessman’s dressing as well as of those who are of executive and managerial class. The image of a sharp dressed man can never be complete without a tie! A classy tie does not have to be very expensive. Choosing the right color and type to go with your suit is very important as a bad tie can make you look clueless and unproffesional. A nicley matching one, on the other hand, can make even an inexpensive suit look amazing. The four main materials from which ties are being made nowdays are silk, polyester, cotton and cashmere. Here are the Top 10 Best Ties for men from all around the world.






10.Cashmere Ties

Cashmere Ties  

Opening the list here are the Cashmere ties which are a class apart from the other varities present on the list. Cashmere Ties are much warmer and lighter than wool ones and a knitted one will look much better than a woven one. It, however, poses a problem during cleaning and hence not worn regularly. Make sure that you do not spot them with perfumes and colognes!


9. Striped Cotton Ties

Striped Cotton Ties  

Striped Cotton Ties look best in the close stripes pattern with complimenting colors and in the wide alternating colors design. Striped Cotton Tie are usually worn with summer or lightweight suits. They are usually worn in matching and seldom in contrast. They are placed 9th in the Top 10 best ties for men list.


8. Striped Satin Ties

Striped Satin Ties  

Striped Satin Ties are the choice of a man who is as serious about his appearance as he is about his business. Striped Satin Ties give off an image of a sharp man who is adept in handling any type of situation. These types of ties are noticed easily and can be worn to any formal occasion!


7. Wool Ties

Wool Ties  

Wool Ties are probably the best alternate to their silk counterparts. Wool ties are a must have for any man and are worn only in the winter seasons. They are almost waterproof as any liquid falling on them does not easily stain them! On the other hand, washing them can be gamble as it may shrink or become disfigured during the process.


6. Orange Ties

Orange Ties  

Orange Ties are a class apart and can be used to turn a boring grey suit into a very attractive dress. Orange ties do not only work for grey colored suits but with other colors as well. This vibrant and exciting type of tie comes in a variation of stripes and textures. The orange color is usually contrasted by white, black and navy blue.


5. Knitted Silk Ties

Knitted Silk Ties  

Knitted Silk Ties are usually of the same width from one end to the other and sometimes have flat ends instead of the classic V shape. These Knitted Silk Ties come in solid colors as well as diagonal stripes which are sometimes multicolored. These ties have a totally different look and are mostly used in the winter seasons. Knitted Silk Ties rank at the 5th place in the Top 10 best ties for men list.


4. Printed Silk Ties

Printed Silk Ties  

Printed Silk Ties are worn by a select group of people and executives and is not as common as other top 10 styles. Printed Silk Ties are usually in lighter colors with vibrant and eye catching designs on them. Many ties of this category are custom made and carry a theme. They also come in polyester as well as silk. Many of the men’s best fashion brands make Printed Silk Ties.


3. Old School Wide Stripes Tie

Old School Wide Stripes Tie  

Third on the Top 10 Best ties for men is Old School Wide Stripes Ties. These ties look very hip and come in the brightest colors usually contrasting with navy blue of black. The Old School Wide Stripes Ties are very eye catchy and are usually worn by middle aged men. These ties are of the slimmer type and radiate confidence and energy.


2. Silk Dotted Ties

Silk Dotted Ties  

Silk Dotted Ties are closley knitted silk ties which are in solid colors and have dots on them. These look very good on white shirts as well as other colors depending on the tie color and shirt pattern. The size of the dots on the Silk Dotted Tie varies and is used to enhance the overall appeal of the suit.


1. Silk Repp Ties

Silk Repp Ties  

Silk Repp Ties are also known as reputation ties because of the power and charisma they radiate. This simple yet effective diagonal strips pattern has become very famous and is the preffered choice of professionals. The Silk Repp Tie is rated number one in the Top 10 Best Ties for men. It comes in attractive contrasting colors which can be worn with a shirt of any type and color.



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