Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers of the World

Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers of the WorldBeing one of the most wonderful and best smelling gifts of nature, flowers have always been held in high esteem because of the symbolism they hold for love and devotion. The blossoming of flowers is a true sign of spring which is the most invigorating time of year. People often buy silk flowers when they are unlucky enough not to grow some in their own backyard. There are, however, some unusual flowers found all around the world which are more nauseating than nice! These unusual flowers are quite different from the ones we see and smell every day and for a reason. The list of Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers of the World will take you through a world of highly strange and unusual flowers which you didn’t even know existed!




10. Passion flower

Passion flower

The Passion flower is an unusual flower which grows on the Passiflora Incarnata, and deserves special attention. Growing as big as 3.5 inches across, the passion flower has a unique structure which is bound to put you in awe. These unusual flowers look like a sun as was painted in the olden days but are purple instead of yellow!


9. Toad lily

Toad lily

Looking more like a cross between a leopard and a crab (a leopard crab), the Toad lily looks too strange to be real. This unusual flower is a late bloomer and self propagates freely if given a chance. Toad lilies are one of the prized flowers of gardeners around the world and it comes in a variety of eye pleasing colors. These unusual flowers can grow up to 5 inches across.


8. Teasel Banksia (Banksia Puclhella)

Teasel Banksia (Banksia Puclhella)

The Teasel Banksia can best be described as small unusual flowers with numerous styles protruding out of it. It has a unique structure and is eye catching. This self germinating flower grows in a low lying bush and flowers almost all year around. Although these unusual flowers grow up to only two inches max, they are distinctive enough to be included in this list. The Teasel Banksia is native to Australia but has been successfully introduced to other parts of the world as well.


7. Bat Flower (Tacca Chantrieri)

Bat Flower (Tacca Chantrieri)

Easily mistaken for an animal instead of a flower, the Bat Flower is one of the bigger unusual flowers and has cat like whiskers which can be as long as 2 feet! The Bat Flower itself can grow up to three feet and hardly looks like a plant. Its dark purplish blackish colored petals grow sideways and this plant thrives in hot humid conditions. The Bat flower seeds grow inside it and fall off for propagation.


6. Hydnora Africana

Hydnora Africana

Truly belonging to the list of Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers of the world, the Hydnora Africana reminds us of the tremors movie. This plant grows off other ones (it’s a parasite) and sticks out its flower which incidentally looks like the serpent from the Harry Potter movie minus the eyes! The Hydnora Africana even has white petal like structures on the inside which look like teeth! So much for apocalypse; we already have a zombie flower!


5. Clitoria Ternatea

Clitoria Ternatea

Also known as the butterfly pea or blue pea, the Clitoria Ternatea is one of the most beautiful of these unusual flowers listed here. The Clitoria Ternatea is a purplish to pinkish flower with yellow inners. They are widely cultivated because of their importance in medicine and are also widely used in preparation of food in Asia. The shape of these unusual flowers is the main cause of their name.


4. Dracunculus Vulgaris

Dracunculus Vulgaris

Commonly known as the dragon flower or stink lily, the unusual flowers of Dracunculus Vulgaris look nothing like a flower! A huge red petal gives way to a long black shiny stick and the Dracunculus Vulgaris can easily grow to four feet! These unusual flowers contain the seed themselves which propagate once the flower has fallen over and is sagging. The Dracunculus Vulgaris smells horrible when ripe but that is to attract flies.


3. Dendrobium Spectabile flower

Dendrobium Spectabile flower

The most unusual flowers from the orchid group, the Dendrobium Spectabile flower look more like rotten and wilted flowers than ones in bloom. Complete with the evil green “eye”, the Dendrobium Spectabile flower looks exactly like the alien shown in the predator series! The funny thing is that they are also the best and sweetest smelling flowers in the Top 10 Most Unusual Flowers of the world list!


2. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

You most probably have seen the Globe Thistle one place or the other; these unusual flowers are very beautiful to look at and very easy to grow. The Globe Thistle has round bluish grey flowers which look like steel balls rather than flowers. These unusual flowers are made up of filaments and are bloom in the summer and spring seasons.


1. Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Also listed as the largest flower of the world, Rafflesia Arnoldii also ranks first in the most unusual flowers list. Also called the corpse flower, these unusual flowers are the smelliest one found on our earth. The leather like red petals are all Rafflesia Arnoldii has as it has no root system whatsoever and depends on its parasitic activities for nutrition.




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