Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Ways to Quit SmokingSmoking is universally acknowledged as being exceptionally bad for the heath. It can be a major cause of various cancers, respiratory diseases, heart problems and premature death. With an estimated 440,000 deaths each year in the USA, it is no wonder that so many people are desperate to quit smoking! People very well know about the negative health impacts which are caused by smoking and the ominous implications of passive smoking, but nicotine is an addictive substance and it isn’t easy to eliminate it from your life just like that. Here are some tips to help quit smoking and breaking the habit that is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide. The Top 10 ways to quit smoking list will help you build a positive mind frame and highlight the factors which make it hard for people to quit smoking. It is, however, up to you to finally put the foot down and put out the cigarette!




10. Reminding Yourself

Reminding Yourself

Ultimately, the decision to quit smoking is yours and you will only succeed if you are 100% committed, motivated and willing to put in the effort and willpower required. Write yourself a list of all of the reasons why you have made the decision to quit and look back on it regularly to remind yourself of why you are doing this. You’ll feel a bit grumpy right after you have quit smoking but this feeling will soon give way to increased energy and a sense of wellbeing. If you are trying to quit smoking for your family, a special friend or even because of medical reasons, it will be a rewarding experience for you emotionally as well as morally. Reminding yourself ranks 10th in the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.


9. Quit Smoking Support

Quit Smoking Support

Let your friends, family and colleagues know that you are quitting and don’t be afraid to lean on them for support when you are feeling demotivated. Feeling irritable or a bit angry for no apparent reason is one of the side effects when people quit smoking. Feel no shame to ask for help when you are likely to relapse. A few words of encouragement can be just the boost you need to get you back on track! Ask your GP or local hospital to point you in the direction of smokers support groups where you can discuss conquering your addiction with other like-minded individuals. Join other social groups where people have quit smoking successfully and are eager to help you out and give advice.


8. Saving Up

Saving Up

On the subject of money, Dailyfinance suggest that the average smoker can spend up to $3300 on cigarettes a year. If you break down the cost of your cigarettes per week and put that money into a saving fund, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save when you quit smoking. Once you have squirreled enough away, go buy yourself that large screen led TV or dress you’ve always wanted! You can even take your family (or friend) to a trip which would not have been possible before! Seeing a result of the money that you would usually waste on smoking will make your decision to quit smoking seem worthwhile in both physical and monetary terms! Saving up ranks 8th in the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.


7. Have a Clear Out

Have a Clear Out

Throw out any smoking relating items that are lying around the house including ashtrays, lighters and any secret stashes. Better yet, think of reusing ashtrays and lighters in new ways (soap dishes, paperweights etc) instead of throwing them or giving them away to other smoking friends. However well you hide them away, you will eventually come across them and they will get you thinking about smoking again. You want to forget all about it so make absolutely sure that you won’t stumble on any reminders by eliminating them completely. Expensive ashtrays or lighters could even make you a little money on eBay or at a garage sale!


6. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Quit smoking to get a happier and healthier existence. So while you’re at it, why not look at a few other aspects of your lifestyle? Taking up a sporty hobby and exercising more will get easier once you stop smoking and encourage your brain to release feel-good endorphins. You will gradually build up stamina like never before and can actually run (for more than a few minutes) without getting dead tired! Similarly, drinking more water and maintaining a healthy diet will aid in the cleansing process. When you start feeling physically fitter and healthier, you’ll probably find that your desire to smoke will decrease. Healthy lifestyle ranks 6th in the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.


5. The Dreaded Relapse

The Dreaded Relapse

According to Livestrong, only a paltry 4-7% of smokers quit successfully without aids and even with them, a relapse is sometimes inevitable. Don’t waste time beating yourself up about it. Learn from your mistake, recognize the triggers that made you relapse then revise your plan and start again when you’re ready. It’s not that you have failed or do not have enough will power to quit smoking; it’s the body’s urge to consume nicotine which make the whole quite smoking process so hard. Remember you can always have a fresh start and the second time would be much easier! Atleast now you know for sure that you can live without have a cigarette!


4. Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

Again, people often find themselves smoking when they are bored or have nothing better to do. They associate smoking with routine things they do like surfing the internet, driving etc. So try and keep your mind active so that you don’t have time to think about smoking. A little change in timings or routine can do wonders. Take on more duties at work, begin a project at home or simply go out with non smoking friends or family. Not only will you be too busy to think about smoking, but you’re apt to use your time more productively and improve your quality of life! Keeping Busy ranks 4th in the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.


3. Use Aids

Use Aids

There are several products on the market that act as aids in the battle to quit smoking and can help whether you plan on going cold turkey or gradually cutting down. These can include nicotine gums, sprays, tablets, inhalers and patches. Some work by giving you minimum amounts of nicotine whereas others diminish the enjoyment of smoking altogether. Rather than buy Champix or Nicotinell products outright, why not ask your GP to prescribe it for you? In a survey carried out by The Peoples Pharmacy, 52.5% of users found Champix very helpful in helping them quit smoking. Using aids to help you quit smoking makes things a bit easier for you and goes a long way in helping you overcome this habit.


2. Staying Away From Other Smokers

Staying Away From Other Smokers

Socializing with smokers is the worst kind of temptation when you are trying to quit smoking. Staying Away From Other Smokers might feel bad or even impossible as most of your friends probably smoke. Limit your contact with other smokers in the first few weeks of quitting and under no circumstances should you hold, light or buy cigarettes for anyone else. Hanging around smokers while you are trying to quit smoking is a sure fire way to ruin any improvement. If a situation arises where you find yourself around smokers then excuse yourself and come back when they have finished. Staying away from smokers ranks 2nd in the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.


1. Changing Habits

Changing Habits

Many people smoke out of habit rather than desire. Think about your daily routine and the times when you’re most likely to reach for a cigarette. These tend to be your weakest points when you want to quit smoking as you grab a cigarette purely out of habit. Analyze your routine so you can identify these triggers which may want you to break your quit smoking marathon for just one last puff! Be it over your morning coffee or after a meal, you have to work hard to change your habit if you want to quit smoking. Once you identify these habits, you can go about adapting new ones to minimize the likelihood of smoking. Changing habits tops the Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking list.



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