Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012

WWE T shirts

WWE t shirts are the most common and affordable merchandise fans buy to show loyalty and support to their favorite Superstars. After Wrestle Mania 28, demand of WWE T shirts has skyrocketed and people are buying their favorite wrestler’s shirts. If we look at the history of WWE T shirts, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who brought radical changes in the concept of WWE T shirts. He was popular for his quotes and phrases and was as loved back then as John Cena is nowdays. Fans young and old love to buy the shirts like John Cena wears. After a short survey of real WWE fans and people who buy WWE merchandise, we have compiled an interesting list for you related to WWE T shirts which are getting a lot of attention nowdays. So, enjoy the list and buy WWE T shirts by clicking the link provided along with it. Enjoy and share the post with all WWE fans so that all your friends can be entertained by the list of Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012.




10. WWE 9 boxes T shirt

WWE 9 boxes T shirt 

The Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012 list starts off with the popular WWE 9 boxes T shirt which has the pictures of the 9 greatest wrestlers of the new age. The WWE 9 boxes T shirt is quite popular among fans and you can see lots of people wearing these WWE T shirts during matches on TV! These t shirts may be a bit off the track as all of the featured WWE Superstars may not be your favorites but is anyways a nice t shirt. The WWE 9 boxes T shirt comes in an eye catching orange color and is sized for youngsters.


9. Rey Mysterio T shirt

Rey Mysterio T shirt 

Lighting quick and a blur of movements sums up Rey Mysterio pretty well. The Rey Mysterio T shirt carries the same type of energy and quickness which we expect from the Superstar. Full of vibrant colors and high action pictures of Rey Mysterio, the Rey Mysterio T shirt is an exciting addition to any fan of his speed and agility. The best thing is that the Rey Mysterio T shirt is exactly what he wears to the ring himself and that lends a lot of credibility to these WWE T Shirts 2012!


8. CM Punk T shirt

CM Punk T shirt 


Many know CM Punk as a hard headed daredevil who does not stop at anything. The CM Punk T shirt shows the same thing in which a guy has caught lighting in his hands! Although void of colorful monograms and flashy poster like pictures, the CM Punk T shirt has the energy and vigor which is associated with CM Punk and is therefore a must buy for his fans. The signature bandage wrapped arm featured in this WWE T Shirt 2012 as a symbol of courage. The CM Punk T shirt ranks 8th in the list of Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012.


7. Brock Lesnar WWE T shirts

Brock Lesnar T shirt 

The officially licensed Brock Lesnar WWE T shirts come in larger sizes and are fit for fans who are rather bulky and ripped. The Brock Lesnar T shirt features the animal of destruction which we have come to associate Brock Lesnar with. The black t shirt is printed with the white carnage animal skull and is a real eye catcher for anyone who is even remotely aware of this wrestling giant. There is even an authentic merchandise tag near the bottom of these WWE T shirts to make sure your money is well spent!


6. Triple H Puff Youth T-Shirt

Triple H Puff Youth T-Shirt 

Depicting Triple H all his glory and form is the Triple H Puff Youth T-Shirt which ranks 6th in the list of Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012. The Triple H Puff Youth T-Shirt is aimed at the younger fans who love Triple H and want to be like him when they grow up (albeit physically). This licensed merchandise is 100 percent cotton and is durable enough to last long. The dark color contrasts with the golden Triple H printed on the WWE T shirts and make him look larger than life!


5. WWE heroes boy muscle T shirt

WWE heroes boy muscle T shirt 

The Cenation army is out to save the world and want you to be a part of it! Join the biggest and hottest group in town by wearing one of the heroes boy muscle T shirts! These WWE t shirts feature all of the young blood of Cenation in their signature styles and actions. Also, the heroes boy muscle T shirt is sleeveless so you’ll get a good chance to show off your muscles as well! This series of WWE t Shirts 2012 features more than one Superstar so you can have all your favorites in one place!


4. Undertaker Apocalyptic Warrior T-Shirt

Undertaker Apocalyptic Warrior T-Shirt 

The phantom from the dark side continues to impress fans worldwide even after 20 years in the business. The deadman did the impossible in the last Wrestlemania event which has increased his popularity triple fold! The Undertaker Apocalyptic Warrior T Shirt is not quite different from what the deadman has approved over the years but it comes with a special reference to the last match and that is what makes these WWE T shirts a collector’s item. The Undertaker Apocalyptic Warrior T-Shirt ranks 4th in the Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012.


3. John Cena RISE ABOVE HATE T shirts

John Cena RISE ABOVE HATE T shirt 

The John Cena RISE ABOVE HATE T shirts are more of a symbol rather than a simple piece of merchandise. Written across the front in the true American colors are the words RISE ABOVE HATE which very clearly tell us about John Cena’s qualities as well as how we ourselves should act and think. The John Cena RISE ABOVE HATE slogan is also available in a zippered hoodie but the WWE t shirts are more popular among fans.


2. WWE Rock T shirt

WWE Rock T shirt 

Ranking 2nd in the Top 10 WWE T shirts 2012 list is the Rock T shirt. Rock has come a long way from being the underdog to being one of the greatest wrestlers WWE has ever seen! Every Rock fan wants to own a piece of authentic Rock merchandise and the Rock T shirt is the perfect thing to have. You better get ready because the Rock is bringing back the WWE T shirts!


1. WWE John Cena Persevere T-Shirt

WWE John Cena Persevere T-Shirt 

The John Cena Persevere T-Shirt is no doubt the hottest John Cena merchandise of 2012. John Cena has become quite a figure who stands for truth and everything right in the WWE. The John Cena Persevere T-Shirt is a special gift for his fans that love him and follow all the examples he has set inside as well as outside the ring. The print is quite heavy on these WWE T shirts and give a feel of superior quality. Coming in three standard sizes, the John Cena Persevere WWE T-Shirts are a must have for every John Cena fan!




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